Innovation consulting blog

Our innovation consulting blog aims to develop an understanding of innovation – and to disrupt the way people and organisations think about innovation and puts people and culture at the centre of business and digital transformation efforts.

To educate the market on what it means to be innovative by enabling people to make sense of, and develop an understanding of innovation. To be strategic and talk about it and to communicate this in ways that are aligned, coherent, consistent and convincing.

To both assuage people’s and business natural and normal concerns whilst simultaneously challenging their habitual thinking and acting about innovation focussed change efforts.

Our innovation consulting blog aims to co-create a world where innovation is a way of life. Where innovation involves taking an aligned systemic, strategic and human-centered culture development approach that builds the interface between people and technology in VUCA times.

Innovation consulting enables people to develop an understanding of innovation – to be, think, talk and act differently, where people open their minds, hearts and will by understanding that innovation means making changes that add value involving:

  • Knowing how to see, respond to opportunities and solve problems in creative ways that people value and cherish.
  • Engaging in the connect, explore, discovery, design and delivery phases of innovation.

True innovation comes from people. Humans have an endless ability to imagine, create, invent and innovate, however not many people have the competence, confidence, and capacity to do this. By using our innovation consulting blog to open people up to their potential we can enable individuals, teams and businesses to innovate.

Top 8 reasons – importance of innovation to your business today
Change is accelerating so quickly, it is making innovation an urgent strategic and systemic necessity.  It is the key competitive lever left to ensure both organisational survival and sustainability. Living now in the Disruption, Digitization and  Connection Ages, our attention...
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Cultivating innovation agility
In a recent Forbes article, “What Innovation is, and isn’t” by Rob Preston, from Oracle, suggested that consumers are suffering a bout of “innovation fatigue.” Presenting data from a communications firm, Ketchums’ new Innovation Kernel study, which was designed to...
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Innovation requires experimentation
I wish I had known about Clayton Christensen’s research on living overseas as one of the three ways of exploring how innovation requires experimentation.  It certainly would have contributed to my success by increasing my capacity for innovation, before I...
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Disrupting corporate innovation education
As many of you are aware, I was an Australian ex-pat and start-up entrepreneur and resided in Israel for six years. Israel is globally acknowledged as The Start-Up Nation! I was fortunate to have the opportunity to live within its...
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Dancing with Disruption
In the Executive Summary of the 2014 Front End of Innovation Conference, produced by the Institute for International Research, the author introduces us to the notion of dancing with disruption with this statement: “Welcome to Business as unusual. Business as...
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Innovation and shifting corporate consciousness
In a recent Fast Company article ‘Why Millennials Don’t Want to Buy Stuff’ the author states that “Humanity is experiencing an evolution in consciousness. We are starting to think differently about what it means to ‘own’ something.” Suggesting that technology...
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Be-come a smart creative through adaptive learning
It was pouring down with heavy rain and we were stuck in a heavy traffic jam on the toll road taking us home from a lovely 4 day sunny sojourn in the stunning Mediterranean seaport of Eilat, on the southern...
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Three forces disrupting business as usual!
I recently participated in the Disruptive Innovation Festival (check it out, at where I presented an exciting new webinar on "How the lean start-up is disrupting business as usual" introducing the notion of start-up entrepreneurship. Whenever I design a...
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Igniting a passionate purpose for innovation
I was reminded recently “that you always teach what you most need to learn” so I am happily sharing a key learning from one of the amazing executive coaches on the current global Coach for Innovators Certified Program™. This is...
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People’s resistance to change and innovation
I recently shared a very deep and meaningful conversation with a very accomplished US based Russian trained TRIZ practitioner - TRIZ involves working with the “theory of inventive problem solving.” As many of you are also aware, at ImagineNation™ our...
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