We co-create bespoke learning and coaching products on the people side of innovation

We have a treasure trove of articles, testimonials, white papers, blog posts, coaching, and learning products to support to see and solve your problems, unlock your people’s collective genius and embed deep organisational learning, change, leadership, teaming, and coaching initiatives.

We design and present a range of hybrid leadership, team and individual coaching, face-to-face and online learning products, programs, assessment tools, and learning sprints that are technologically savvy, adaptive, agile, and can be delivered globally and customised to your organisational needs.

We facilitate deep learning, and not innovation theatre, which means what we do sticks and delivers what we promise.

Our change, coaching, and learning products embed deep learning, in ways that save organisations, teams, and people, time, and money through:

Demonstrating our deep knowledge, skills, and experience in designing and delivering systemic, innovative, and enduring learning and change solutions.

Offering and including a wide range of unique, proven assessment tools and resources that help organisations, leaders, teams, and coaches see and solve problems, to adapt, innovate, grow and thrive through disruption.

Embracing a range of highly esteemed and rigorous, tested and proven, agile and engaging, blended and integrated, adult and e-learning methodologies.

Customising, adapting, and presenting bespoke programs globally, through virtual or live learning events and online culture and leadership assessment and diagnostic processes and programs.


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Our Learning Products – Summary


A Range of Bespoke Leadership and Team Worskhops  – transition your business recovery and achieve sustainable growth quickly

Accelerate your people’s and team’s abilities to pivot and grow through disruption by:

  • Leveraging our proven, expert leadership and team development experience and services.
  • Accessing our internationally validated diagnostic and assessment tools via our virtual, accessible and affordable global online program.
  • designing bespoke deep blended learning programs that meet your individual needs, delivered live or virtually.

Program options

The key program options to thrive and flourish through disruption in the post-COVID-19 world include a choice of leading quantitative assessments of your organisation’s and or/team’s ability to achieve your financial and business goals and a range of bespoke workshops to:

  • Build your people's confidence and capacity to tolerate uncertainty, develop change receptivity and readiness.
  • Teach and coach people how to evoke mindset shifts and safely provoke different ways of thinking creatively.
  • Know how to make sense of innovation and apply it in your own strategic context.
  • Build your team's competence to maximise diversity, safely experiment and take smart risks, learn by failing fast and collaborate.


Work with our strategic expertise to choose the learning product that solves your organisations problems
We can help your leadership team strategize and catalyse change to stay ahead of your business game.


Find out how we can co-create, collaborate and strategise with you to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.

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 Bespoke Team Development, Learning, and Coaching Program – catalyse change to shift your culture quickly

Watch our recent webinar ‘Catalysing Change Through Innovation Teams” to explore the range of new collaborative models, including teams and teaming, tribes, collectives, and eco-systems.

Designed to help organisations adapt, innovate, and grow in turbulent times by empowering and enabling everyone in the organisation to be involved in collaborating cohesively to the diverse range of complex challenges emerging from the Covid-19 crises, by triggering teams as organisational growth engines to drive 21st-century adaptability, growth, success, and sustainability, in countries, communities, and organisations.

Innovative teams transform creative discoveries and ideas into new platforms and business models in timely, agile, and disciplined ways that bring significant value to the market and organisation.

Equip your team with the enduring emotional agility and mental toughness that enables them to cultivate sustainable innovation, breakthroughs and Moonshot through our integrated learning product by:

  • Developing their innovation agility; capacity, competence and confidence to adapt, transform, and constantly innovate.
  • catalysing, driving, maximizing and sustaining the impact of innovation led change across your organisation.

A six-month, customised, online blended learning, sprint-based team development and team coaching journey, designed for teams with between 6 and 10 members to develop and embed the team’s true innovation capability to catalyse change through innovation.

Program outcomes

The key outcomes of our virtual Team Program:

  • Co-creation of new ways of being, thinking and acting, aligned to the organisational vision, values and strategy, to deliver their core business objectives.
  • Cultivating the tolerance, safety, permission and trust to learn together quickly by failing forward.
  • Exploration, experimentation, iteration and pivoting of ideas that deliver increased value by initiating and delivering new initiatives and business models.
  • Commitment and ability to solve specific problems before they know how to make them happen, that completely disrupt or transform your current business.
  • Development of mindsets, behaviour and skills to make innovation a habit in the organisation.

Our participants meet the coaching criteria set by the International Coaching Federation, team members will be certified as Professional Coaches for Innovation who will know how to agitate, coach, mentor, and guide companywide innovation efforts.

Watch our recent webinar ‘Innovation Teams as Catalysts for Change and Pioneers for Growth’ to explore how the human side of innovation helps organisations create the shift towards developing future fitness.

Designed to help organisations strategically develop, align and enable innovation teams to become catalysts for change, help leaders unlearn, and relearn how to handle the key barriers to change-led innovation, enabling them to succeed and lead the way forwards in driving and implementing 21st-century culture change that results in future fit, adaptive and innovative countries, communities and organisations.

Work with our strategic expertise to choose the learning, teaming and coaching product that solves your organisations problems.
We can help you catalyse collaboration and innovation to stay ahead of your business game.


Find out how we can co-create, collaborate and strategise with you to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.

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Coach for Innovators, Leaders and Teams Certified Program– become an agile innovator

Become a future-fit coach, leader, team, consultant, and entrepreneur in a constantly changing and uncertain world.

Know how to make sense of, apply, and integrate innovation into your own unique context in life and work.

A nine-week, online, collaborative, deeply personalised, intimate, online blended coaching, and learning, globally diverse, small group innovation coaching program.

That meets the excellence and professional ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the desired rigorous measurement and evaluation criteria to become certified by ImagineNation™ as Professionally Certified Coaches for Innovators™.

Learn how to facilitate, teach,  coach, and mentor people, groups, and teams to step over their business-as-usual thresholds and open them up to new ways of identifying and maximising commercial possibilities, intelligent decision-making, and generative approaches to seeing and solving complex problems.

In ways that are creative, inventive, and collaborative, by safely experimenting with new ways of presencing and partnering with clients to systemically and strategically align and improve a team, business practice, or an organisation’s ability to add value to the quality of users, customers, and stakeholders’ lives in ways, they appreciate and cherish.

Register now, or contact Janet at to find out more about how our program might benefit you and your business practice in 2024.

Program outcomes

The key outcomes of our virtual global program are to:

  • Develop embodied presence to effect transformative, purposeful and meaningful changes you wish to make in the world.
  • Inspire and mobilise participants’ (individuals and groups) potential to tolerate uncertainty, learn, adapt and grow through disruption.
  • Resource and empower participants to safely shake up and challenge the status quo and become business game changers and boundary-pushers.
  • Create a collective holding space and container which creates the conditions for individuals and groups to safely play, imagine, improvise, create, experiment, invent and innovate.
  • Know how to make sense of innovation, strategically and systemically, and confidently and competently apply and align it in their own unique context, no matter what it is.
  • Know how to develop your curiosity and imagination to unblock and unleash creative and critical thinking strategies.
  • Become agile and nimble leaders, coaches, consultants and teams able to respond, regroup, and thrive, pivot and adapt to dilemmas, problems and disruptive events.

This is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) program.

Participants who meet the criteria are certified as Professional Coaches for Innovation,  earn 36 CCE units towards their ICF re-accreditation, and become eligible to join our global Coach for Innovation Amplifiers network.

“The coach for innovators
program influenced my thinking about what it takes to successfully innovate and foster an innovative culture.
Rich in resources, practical learning experiences, and group, and individual coaching, the program provides an immersive learning experience.
The combination of innovation, coaching, and design thinking principles covered has equipped me to coach and lead through disruption with a multidisciplinary approach”.

Lurnea Simmons
Strategy & Transformation | Customer Experience | Innovation & Change | Customer Service Operations, Sydney, Australia

“Janet provides a wealth of information on the course and really useful resources. Her blog on innovation is world-class. The small group discussions with classmates on specific topics provide an opportunity to discover other people’s way of thinking and lead to constant new discoveries and ideas. 
Janet was at all times very helpful and went out of her way to ensure we had what we needed. Very much appreciated!

Joanne Chin PCC
Principal | Executive Coach | M4W Group | Hong Kong

“I enjoyed the Coach for Innovators program very much. Although I gained many useful tools that I have already been able to use in my work, it was the 1:1 coaching sessions with Janet that had the most profound effect on how I want to change. Janet has a knack for zooming in on your innermost desires and developmental needs, and she is relentless in nudging you into forming a concrete plan for change that you feel passionate and energetic about. I am so grateful that I crossed paths with Janet exactly when I did, as her guidance was instrumental in my quest to find my purpose in (working) life”. 

Dr. Maria Pajuoja University Lecturer (Management) University of Vaasa, Finland

Work with our strategic expertise to choose the coaching, mentoring or learning product that solves your organisations problems
We can help you catalyse change to stay ahead of your business game.


Contact us to register your interest in joining our next global online group learning cohort, or to find out about developing a bespoke learning and coaching program for your team, or organisation.

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Adapt and Grow in Uncertain and Disruptive Times.

Register now for the Global Online Group Learning Program Starting February 2024
Register now to get the early bird saving of USD $200!



Adapt and Grow in Uncertain and Disruptive Times.

Register now for the Global Group Program starting February, 2024
Register now to get the early bird savings of US $200.
Invest in your Future Fitness Now!


The Start-Up Game™ – cultivate an intra/entrepreneurial culture quickly

Fail fast to learn faster!

The Start-Up Game™ allows people to learn and apply new intra/entrepreneurial ways of seeing and solving problems by creating new high-value business ventures in a simulated start-up business environment. 

Within an experiential innovative learning environment that integrates adult learning, gamification, design thinking with lean start-up methodologies to develop players’ abilities to be adaptive, agile, and innovative.

It is a playful live 2-day business simulation, for between 12 and 24 players, that frees people and teams of their business-as-usual roles and rules-bound environments, and from their conventional thinking habits and status quo conditioning.

It builds the critical foundations for successful agile innovation, experimentation and collaboration by giving players an individual and team based, engaging and challenging, playful experience of co-creating, incubating and accelerating, an innovative lean start-up organisation.

Program outcomes

The key outcomes of our Start-Up Game™ for people and teams are to:

  • Enhance their flexibility and ability to be, think and do things differently in the constantly changing business world of the 21st century.
  • Build a common language and understanding around innovation that catalyses an intra/entrepreneurship spirit in the organisation
  • Build their agility competence, capacity and confidence, mental toughness and emotional agility, to embody and enact an intra/entrepreneurial spirit and way of working within their organisation
Work with our strategic expertise to choose the learning product that cultivates the culture you want and solves your organisations problems
We can help you catalyse change to stay ahead of your business game.


Find out how we can co-create, collaborate and strategise with you to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.

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