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Developing Change Readiness and Receptivity to Thrive Today and Tomorrow

Bravely Dancing with 21st-Century Disruption

Explore new ways of leading and teaming to enable your people to adapt, grow, and innovate through 21st-century disruption, by equipping them with the tools to be receptive, flow, and flourish, in an unstable and uncertain world.

Dancing on the Edge of your Comfort Zone

Explore the range of strategies and psychological resources to thrive in challenging times by understanding the need for adaptation, mental toughness, emotional agility, and building safety, permission, and trust.

Managing Both the Future And the Present

Explore new perspectives on managing your team, organisation, or business by knowing how to focus on both the present and the future simultaneously, to adapt and innovate by being human and customer-centric, to innovate.

Re-Imagining, Re-Vitalising And Becoming  Future Fit in an Unpredictable World

Leading and Managing Human Transitions through Disruption

Explore how to help people transition through change by taking both a business and a human perspective, and by knowing how to shift people’s stress mindsets, by becoming an effective and empathic transitional leader and manager, who manages and leads people and teams though big challenges.

Re-Imagine and Re-Vitalise for Success and Growth

Explore strategies, frameworks, and steps to help your people re-imagine and re-vitalise your teams or organisation for successful innovation, and growth, in ways that re-energize people, and enable them to re-think, re-set and re-engage in an uncertain, unpredictable, and flourishing future.

Developing a Future-Fit Human-Centric Focus

Explore the tipping point in today’s business environment, by hitting our pause buttons, to identify major changes that need to happen, to re-connect, re-think, re-imagine, and reframe our possibilities for co-creating a purposeful future by developing a human-centric, future-fit focus in a hyper-connected and disruptive world.

Developing Emotional and Cognitive Agility and GRIT to Flourish in a Hyper-Connected World

Cultivating Emotional Agility

Explore what it means to be grounded, mindful, and aware, to deeply and systemically connect to self, other, team, and community, by developing self-awareness and self-management strategies that retain deliberate calmness, flow, composure, and focus during tough times, to adapt, grow and innovate.

Cultivating Mental Toughness

Explore how to navigate life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open heart, and how to hold those emotions and thoughts loosely, face them courageously, emphatically, and compassionately, to ignite change and deliver your passionate purpose for change and innovation.

Flow and Thrive in Uncertain Times

Explore new frameworks, strategies, and steps to take to help people to re-connect in unstable and uncertain times, in the new world of work and hyper-connectivity, by empowering, enabling, and equipping organisations, leaders, and coaches to focus and flow in uncertain and unstable times.

Making Sense of Innovation in Paradoxical Times and in Different Contexts

Navigating the Paradoxical Innovation Puzzle

Explore how to lead and coach people and teams to navigate the innovation puzzle successfully, step over your business-as-usual thresholds, and open up a new world of conscious, creative, and commercial possibilities, in ways that are creative, inventive, and innovative.

Kickstart Change and Innovate through People Differently

Explore the range of practical tips to help people become resilient and adaptive, by dealing with the effects of working mostly alone, from home, and online, and help them re-balance through reconnection and by co-creating a sense of belonging and inclusion.

How to Catalyse Change through Innovation Teams

Explore the range of inclusive and collaborative models, that are emerging for teams and teaming, tribes, collectives, and eco-systems, which are designed to help organisations harness collective intelligence to adapt, innovate and grow in turbulent times.

Impacting Organisational and Cultural Change Initiatives through Innovation Teams

Coaching to Lead Innovation Differently

Explore what innovation coaching means and how an innovation coach inspires, supports, and coaches people and teams to nurture and embed innovation, by safely being, thinking, and acting differently, in their business practices and organisations.

Innovation Teams as Catalysts for Change

Explore how to enable teams to shoot for the moon, create disruptive innovations, AND build a new inner compass that helps organisations adapt, innovate, grown and thrive in the face of social, environmental, and technological challenges.

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We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” — Peter Drucker


Our Free Innovation Webinar Library Presenters

Janet Sernack

Janet Sernack, Transformational Leadership, Team and Executive Coach, Professionally Certified Innovation and Mbit Coach, Professionally Certified OGI and GLI Practitioner 

Hailing from Australia, Janet is the Founder of ImagineNation™ she has 35 years of experience consulting and leading culture development, change management, leadership, and executive team education interventions to some of Australasia’s,  Israel’s, and Canada’s top 100 companies.

She is an ICF PCC, EMCC Master Practitioner, and Mbit certified executive coach, an NLP certified presenter, trainer, facilitator, and executive coach, and has tertiary qualifications in Marketing, Adult Learning, and Workplace Assessment and Training.

She is acknowledged as a global thought leader on the people side of innovation, where she presents globally on innovation coaching, culture, and leadership and provides blogs monthly to major innovation sites and publications.

She presents the online Coach for Innovators Certified Program globally as a bespoke coaching and learning program and is currently writing a book on Innovation Coaching. Linked In.

Chris Gildersleeve

Chris Gildersleeve, MAPP, M App Sc (Coaching Psych), M Bus (HRM), B Ec. Executive and Professionally Certified Innovation Coach, Professionally Certified OGI and GLI Practitioner,  ICF PCC. 

Chris is an evidence-based executive, leadership and team coach, and purposeful change practitioner, who supports clients to achieve purposeful change and innovate.

He supports leaders and their teams to create organisations that have an engaged, productive, and innovative workforce that drives competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value and brings to his practice more than 30 years of corporate experience with accountability for complex change, talent identification, leadership development, and leadership of the HR function in the manufacturing, construction, capital equipment, technology, and industrial services sectors.

He is passionate about creating more engaging workplaces where people, leaders, and the organisation can be their best possible selves, thrive, and innovate. Linked In.

Dagmar Boettger

Dagmar Boettger, CTI  Certified Coach, Certified Coach for Innovators,  Professionally Certified OGI, and GLI Practitioner with ICF PCC pending.

Dagmar is an executive and team coach for innovation leadership so that people make innovation a new habit and create value, in existing organisations. She enables leaders and teams to shift their mindsets to empower them at an individual, team, and organisational level.

She focuses on enabling change agility and helping leaders and teams build a new future of work, so they can shape their innovation culture and learn to use technology to get problems solved in new ways, thus creating new value.

She is passionate about customer centricity, empowerment, and getting rid of blocking dynamics as the key to enabling the mindset shifts building on the foundation of a successful 20 years plus career in HR, learning and development, across different geographies and multiple industries.

Her work at ImagineNation incorporates cutting-edge diagnostic tools, blended learning, and coaching techniques to enable integrated learning. Linked In.

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