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Our intrapreneurship blog describes intrapreneurs as “dreamers who do. Those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind, within a business.” Making intrapreneurship as the act of behaving like an entrepreneur in order to evolve ideas into new ventures that have an impact on the organization.

Today the term intrapreneurship encompasses two main concepts: first, “corporate venturing”, which usually describes the search for spin-off opportunities; and second, the fostering of an entrepreneurial culture in large organizations.

Like entrepreneurs, they seek to contributes to the economic development of their organisations, creating new businesses, that create new jobs, new sources of revenue and growth and increased productivity through technological change. Often perceived as ambitious and courageous go-getters in companies, who rock the boat with a constant variety of new and creative ideas.

In the past, when behaving like entrepreneurs, they have either driven them out as “misfits” or they have self-selected out as a “misfit.” Currently, the rise of the intrapreneur is driven in part by a restless, younger workforce eager to make a real impact on their careers.  Driven by wanting to create something new, by integrating innovation with lean start-up methodologies, something that doesn’t currently exist. In other words, they want to create their own unique way of working and hang out “in the corporate garage!”

Guest Blog by Matt Loxley - Your productivity depends on your efficiency. It’s that simple. Businesses simply must utilise the right software to meet the evolving demands of the modern workplace. Sceptical? Think about it this way, if you’re not...
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Going back to the garage – the intrapreneur
I recently attended a Fintech Meetup involving 400 people to hear the CEO of one of Australia’s four biggest banks speak about his innovation strategy. Unsurprisingly, it is to embrace innovation through technology and to create a "people first" culture. ...
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Keys to entrepreneurial success
I am not sure how many of my valued ImagineNation™ community friends and colleagues have ever purchased a completely new, “make believe” apartment “off the plan?” Nor am I aware of any who have attempted such a huge challenge in...
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What motivates entrepreneurs to innovate?
I have just commenced facilitating the latest Coach for Innovators Certified Program with an amazingly diverse and enthusiastic group of mostly female consultants, academics, facilitators, coaches and start-up entrepreneurs. As I started the program, I found myself being quickly brought...
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Surviving the innovation roller-coaster
I am pleased to be back in unseasonably freezing cold Israel after more than nine weeks of constant traveling along the global innovation superhighway! I spent my time focusing on learning, making distinctions, developing The Start-Up Game™ business, catching up...
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Entrepreneurship isn’t learnt at business school!
It takes enormous passion, deep vision and incredible anti fragility for successful entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship to occur, more than most of us could ever imagine! My recent experience at the recent European Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference in Brussels, last month...
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How the lean start-up accelerates innovation!
In another 2 weeks I will be presenting my webinar How the lean start-up accelerates innovation' at the Global Women’s Leadership Summit (GWALS).  Immediately after that I will be in Brussels to present my paper on Re-inventing entrepreneurship education at the...
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Entering the dragons den!
The World Economic Forum Global Education Initiative in June 2011 published the Entrepreneurship Education Work Stream Report; Unlocking entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. The report states that:  “Society faces a strong need to encourage people...
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Can entrepreneurs create the new world?
The Economist Magazine, in a recent article, "Generation Jobless" analyzed figures provided by the International Labor Organization, the OECD, and the World Bank Database, and calculated that, “all told, almost 290 million (15 – 24 year olds) are neither working,...
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Play the lean start-up way!
In an HBR article “Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything”, Steve Blank describes a lean start-up as “favoring experimentation over elaborate planning, customer feedback over intuition, and iterative design over big design up front” developments. Residing in Israel, where there...
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