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We empower, engage and enable people to use their human ingenuity and harness their collective intelligence to be innovative in the age of AI and grow through disruption in ways that add value to the quality of people’s lives, that are appreciated and cherished.


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We design and deliver bespoke learning and coaching solutions, that ignite your people’s innovation potential, develop their human skills, and harness and mobilise their collective intelligence to:

Embrace change, create, invent, and innovate, take smart risks, safely experiment, fail fast to learn quickly, collaborate, and be accountable for sensing, seeing, and solving real problems.

By empowering, enabling, and equipping your people to be, think, and act differently, to flow and thrive through the chaos, conflicts, and disruptions occurring in the 21st century, and facilitate sustainable innovative solutions to complex problems by adopting a balanced scoreboard of People, Profit, and Planet.

Think Differently

Unleash your innovation potential, ignite your curiosity and imagination, develop neuroplasticity and elastic thinking skills to sense, see, and solve real problems, and be innovative to evoke, provoke, and create radical change.

Empower, enable, and equip people to strategically align, collaborate, take smart risks, experiment, and make mistakes to learn quickly, and be adaptive, agile, creative, inventive, and innovative in delivering organisational outcomes.

Create a psychologically safe and agile team culture where people are trusted and have permission to maximise differences and diversity, collaborate, and experiment, in planning and executing Moonshots and high-value breakthrough products and services.

Build people’s confidence, capacity, and competence to be creative catalysts who evoke, provoke, and create mindset and behaviour shifts, solve real problems, and be an adaptive, agile, creative, and innovative safe container for transformational change.

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The birth of ImagineNation

ImagineNation™ was birthed in 2012, as a start-up and new niche division, within Compass Learning Pty Ltd – a successful niche corporate training company specialising in top team alignment and collaborative team leadership and development programs, now helping organisations, people, and teams adapt, innovate, and grow through disruption.

It was inspired initially by the creative energy of the innovative Israeli culture, start-up movement, and entrepreneurial lifestyle I experienced when I lived and worked there for 6 years.

I set out to reinvent corporate learning by leveraging and integrating my 25 years of culture and change management experience, along with my corporate training knowledge, skills, and expertise with some of Israel’s and Australasia’s top 100 companies.

I researched, modeled, and replicated the secret ingredients that drove Israeli innovation success and growth, within a chaotic, unstable, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous global environment. I supported this by conducting global research studies on the latest thinking in change, culture, innovation, coaching, and leadership.

As a result the ImagineNation™ innovation curriculum, and systemic and strategic approach to culture change and deep learning, were designed, tested, validated, and pivoted.  Enabling us to lead the way forward, through our innovation consulting services, innovation learning, and coaching services. To challenge businesses, leaders, and teams to be, think, and act differently to co-create a world where people matter and innovation is the norm.

What People Say


The deeply researched insights that Compass Learning and ImagineNation ™ have wired into the work they do, in unleashing the potential in individuals and teams through changing their mindsets, satisfies even the strongest cynics, that there is no better way to deliver great outcomes in business and often so in their personal lives.

Bob Hennessey
CIO Lend Lease

ImagineNation™ was chosen for this project because they provided a level of expertise and experience in this field. We wanted to adapt and use this experience so that it matched our cultural journey. They allowed us to work through Phase 1 of our journey with a solid understanding of where we are and where we want to go.

Grant Anderson
ANCA Group CEO/Director

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Janet over the past 3 years through her Coach for Innovators Program™ as well as participate in the Start Up Game™ over a two-day event in Dubai. I also engaged her to provide innovation education training for a group of start-up innovators we were supporting at Scope Global.

Belinda McCulloch
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