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We provide innovation consulting services to help organisations adapt, innovate and grow through disruption

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At our Melbourne based innovation consulting services, we teach, train and coach your people and teams to step over their business as usual thresholds, and open them up to a new world of conscious, creative and commercial possibilities.

We asses and describe your organisation and leaders cultural type, and evaluate your readiness for change – by measuring your organisation’s ability to shift and transform adaptively in the imagination age.


Our focus is on the people side of change – by helping you align your strategy, systems, people and technology, to make innovation a habit and a way of life.


We help you grow or transform your organisation to the next level – by helping you develop the breakthrough mindsets, behaviours and skills required to adapt, evolve, connect and collaborate.

We help you see and emerge opportunties and solve problems – by helping you build an aligned, agile, customer centric, sustainable and resilient organisation, that enables you compete successfully in a fast changing market.

Create a psychologically safe environment where people are trusted and have permission to collaborate, experiment and innovate.

Develop and execute an innovation strategy and build your internal capability to change the way people think, act, and feel.

Enable your people to collaborate, be courageous and challenge the status quo, take risks, make mistakes to learn quickly.

Coach people and teams to nurture and embed change led innovation in your organisation through candid, creative conversations.


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To accurately assess how to link organisational culture to tangible performance metrics with the OGI.


Find out how to digitally transform

Ensure your digital transformation initiatives leverage your organisational culture, engage people and maximize their potential.

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Grow Your Business Faster & More Effectively

We help organisations leverage talent by enabling people to generate safe creative conversations where the interplay between innovation, creativity, and consciousness emerges new ideas spontaneously.

This allows people to connect, explore and discover possibilties, to see and maximize opportunties and solve challenges and problems, in ways they may not have previously imagined. 

Through our innovation consulting services, we help people design, prototype and deliver commercial solutions in ways that people appreciate and cherish and value.

We help people plan, implement and embed the desired changes through inclusion, collaboration and accountability. 

What People Say


The deeply researched insights that Compass Learning and ImagineNation ™ have wired into the work they do, in unleashing the potential in individuals and teams through changing their mindsets, satisfies even the strongest cynics, that there is no better way to deliver great outcomes in business and often so in their personal lives.

Bob Hennessey
CIO Lend Lease

ImagineNation™ was chosen for this project because they provided a level of expertise and experience in this field. We wanted to adapt and use this experience so that it matched our cultural journey. They allowed us to work through Phase 1 of our journey with a solid understanding of where we are and where we want to go.

Grant Anderson
ANCA Group CEO/Director

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Janet over the past 3 years through her Coach for Innovators Program™ as well as participate in the Start Up Game™ over a two-day event in Dubai. I also engaged her to provide innovation education training for a group of start-up innovators we were supporting at Scope Global.

Belinda McCulloch
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