Our client is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives. The combined strengths of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics under one roof have made them the leader in personalised healthcare – a strategy that aims to fit the right treatment to each patient in the best way possible. Despite being in the second year of a global digital transformation, this group of senior leaders had a clear understanding of the mindsets, behaviours, and skills they were expected to demonstrate, to role model, and lead others in the transformation journey, however, they were reluctant and inert in taking the required actions to lead the desired changes and innovate. Largely due to Covid-19 languishing, habitual procrastination and avoidant mindsets and behaviours, “busyness”their fears of failure, and risk adversity, which prevented them from fulfilling their role in advancing and accelerating change-led innovation across their division and organisation.

What we did

We developed a bespoke deep, blended, and “Face Everything And Rise (FEAR) group learning challenge for the medical leaders, within a virtual, hybrid, and remote working environment. We applied a range of different and diverse learning modalities, designed and delivered through a learning and coaching framework that engaged, enrolled, and equipped the medical group leaders to:

  • Set individual and group benchmarks by incorporating the Growth Leadership Indicator (GLI) to provide evidence of their current capability and target new mindsets, focus areas, and skills development, supported by one-on-one coaching to catalyse individual and focus organisational growth.
  • The group learning challenge safely exposed their risk adversity and fears of failure, close their knowing-doing gaps to put “theory into practice” to strategize taking bold risks and actions to pursue groundbreaking ideas.
  • the group learning challenge safely connected, explored, discovered, experimented with, and tested creative concepts to iterate, pivot, and design them into innovative solutions that people will appreciate, cherish and value and delivers organisational growth.

What we achieved

  • Co-created permission, tolerance, and a safe learning environment for medical group members to shift mindsets, to re-think and role model new ways of being, thinking, and acting.
  • Created a common understanding and language for innovation, smart risk-taking, and failing fast.
  • Developed medical group members’ discomfort resilience, by normalizing their reactive responses to failure, and by reframing mistakes and failures as opportunities for learning and change.
  • Developed medical group members’ receptivity towards smart risk-taking, by normalizing their reactive responses to risk and by reframing risk, and also developed a strategic approach for mitigating risk.
  • Enabled and empowered the medical group leaders to challenge the status quo, communicate and collaborate, improve individual self-efficacy and leadership competencies, and aligned to the 21st-century Growth Leadership (GLI) mindsets, focus areas, and skills.
  • Embedded learning through action learning assignments, a set of reflective practices, a range of regular recreation activities, and “on the job” applications.
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