Global pharma innovation team development and coaching program to execute Moonshots and maximise the impact of innovation across the organisation.


Due to the constantly shifting and changing global business and healthcare playing field in disruptive VUCA times, our client aimed to deliver unprecedented value to patients and healthcare ecosystems. Strategically aligned to their Vision, Ambition, and Leadership Competencies they invested a significant percentage of their annual budget in executing Moonshot investments. Aimed at radically transforming and disrupting “business as usual”.

To help achieve this, they appointed an innovation function, head, and an innovation team, focussing on developing the innovation team’s cohesion and collaboration, deepening their understanding of managing change, catalyzing innovation, and coaching others in the organisation to be successful. They engaged ImagineNation to design and deliver a bespoke innovation team development and coaching program that aimed at increasing their capacity, competence, and confidence to lead and execute breakthrough projects, that maximized the impact of innovation across the organisation.

What we did

We developed an innovation team development learning and coaching program to execute Moonshots and maximise the impact of innovation across the organisation. We adopted an approach and methodology that embraced blended learning, and individual and group coaching for the team and delivered it within a virtual, hybrid, and remote learning environment by applying a range of different and diverse learning modalities.

We adopted a partnership, coaching, and mentoring framework, that engaged, enrolled, and equipped the innovation team members with the abilities to:

  • Catalyze change within the national organization, build supportive internal and external networks and alliances, and develop an internal innovation education framework.
  • Co-create new ways of being, thinking, and acting meaningfully and purposefully, cohesively and collaboratively, and deliver their core business mission and objectives, aligned to the organisation’s strategy and digital transformation initiatives.
  • Assess each team member’s Growth Leadership Capability by incorporating the Growth Leadership Indicator (GLI) to provide a measure of their individual and team capability to effect the desired changes and to target new mindsets, focus areas, and skillsets.
  • Support each team leader by a series of four one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Catalyze and advance Moonshots by developing a common purpose, language, and understanding of their strategic mandate.

What we achieved


  • Co-created a safe learning environment for innovation team members to pause, retreat, reflect, and respond authentically and effectively to their key challenges.
  • Engaged and upskilled team members in new ways of being, thinking, and acting to execute radical breakthrough projects.
  • Developed innovation team members’ discomfort resilience and change readiness, empathy and compassion, curiosity and creativity, courage and confidence with one another, to stakeholders, patients, and users.
  • Certified team members as Professional Coaches for Innovation in line with the Professional Standards and Ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Enabled and empowered the innovation team to set and communicate their passionate purpose, share their story, and culture plan, and deliver key outputs to build their credibility within the organisation.
  • Improved each individual’s self-efficacy to be innovative and embedded these aligned to the 21st-century Growth Leadership (GLI) mindsets, focus areas, and skillsets by executing practical “on the job” applications.


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