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We are an enterprise innovation consulting and education company who helps people make sense of innovation, develop innovation agility and unlock their collective genius.
ImagineNation™ is a generative and provocative global enterprise innovation education company that provides innovation e-learning programs, experiential learning events and culture transformation projects.

These engage, empower and enable people, teams and corporations to strategically and systemically develop the internal agility and capability to solve complex problems and transform them into creative ideas and innovation solutions that people value and cherish.

Transformational Innovation Culture Journeys

We collaborate with our innovation eco-system partners to offer our clients a quantitative including The Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI) and qualitative understanding as to its’ ability to adapt and grow in the context of innovation. So that innovation can flourish and become the norm, a habit, and an essential part of the way things are done within the business enterprise. Click here for more information.

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Online e-Learning and Education Programs

We offer simple video based, live and recorded webinar innovation subject focused and customized education programs including The Coach for Innovators Certified Program that bring theory to life and enable our clients to make sense of innovation within their own organizational context. So that business enterprises, leaders and coaches can build their innovation capability, practices and tool-kits. Click here for more information.


Live Innovation Education Events and Workshops 

We offer a range of experiential, playful learning events activities including The Start-Up Game™ business simulations, innovation challenges, innovation jams, innovation workshops, retreats & innovation labs that incorporate adult learning principles, gamification processes and blended learning solutions. So that people to learn by playing, doing and failing. Click here for more information.

What others are saying

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Anna Jenin

My colleague and I participated in the Coach for Innovators Program prior to establishing our start-up. The course was immensely helpful in assessing our initiative from new angles, developing a habit of disruptive thinking, and seeing problems as opportunities for innovation.

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Dr Petar Strojanov
United Arab Emirates

The game created a microcosm of the real business world, whilst still keeping the environment both friendly and competitive. Participants formed groups and were asked to make complex decisions in uncertain situations with no right or wrong answer, and to the detriment of their own bank balances. A great way for first time entrepreneurs – as well as seasoned experts – to get a feel for creating, pitching, and operating their own small business.

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Daryl Connelly

There is so much to learn and so much to be done, and this program reinforced the value of sharing that learning with others. As a result, I’m really interested in exploring innovative ways to partner with others, whereas previously I was more inclined to start and operate my own small firm singlehandedly.

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Ian Pearce
I have just completed the eight week Coach for Innovators Certified Program facilitated by Janet Sernack. This was an amazing experience where I have learned as much about myself as I have about the world of innovation and entrepreneurship – the mindset and skills required; thinking differently; the use of generative questions; challenging convention; being disruptive; seeking new possibilities.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be an innovative leader, innovation coach or entrepreneur and get hands on experience with practical models and frameworks that you can try immediately. This course will change your outlook, thinking and behaviour. Thanks Janet, truly amazing.

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