Intrapreneurship blog

Our intrapreneurship blog describes intrapreneurs as “dreamers who do. Those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind, within a business.” Making intrapreneurship as the act of behaving like an entrepreneur in order to evolve ideas into new ventures that have an impact on the organization.

Today the term intrapreneurship encompasses two main concepts: first, “corporate venturing”, which usually describes the search for spin-off opportunities; and second, the fostering of an entrepreneurial culture in large organizations.

Like entrepreneurs, they seek to contributes to the economic development of their organisations, creating new businesses, that create new jobs, new sources of revenue and growth and increased productivity through technological change. Often perceived as ambitious and courageous go-getters in companies, who rock the boat with a constant variety of new and creative ideas.

In the past, when behaving like entrepreneurs, they have either driven them out as “misfits” or they have self-selected out as a “misfit.” Currently, the rise of the intrapreneur is driven in part by a restless, younger workforce eager to make a real impact on their careers.  Driven by wanting to create something new, by integrating innovation with lean start-up methodologies, something that doesn’t currently exist. In other words, they want to create their own unique way of working and hang out “in the corporate garage!”

Why entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are lucky
In his book "The Luck Factor" author Richard Wiseman, aptly states “Luck has the power to transform the improbable into the possible, to make a difference between life and death, reward and ruin, happiness and despair.” This is a very real statement,...
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