Collaboration blog

Our collaboration blog supports innovative and digital change initiatives through the development of collaborative skills.   As collaboration is the bridge that needs to be built by organisation to provide the vital links between strategy, systems, technology, and people. Involving creating collaborative workplace cultures that produce breakthrough results that digital, agile and other business transformations are built to achieve.

Collaboration involves supporting the development of technology-based, collaborative platforms and ecosystems, which serve multiple functions. Including facilitating (and sometimes profiting from) the innovation of others, expanding reach and collaboration, and enabling new multiparty solutions and offerings to customers.

Our collaboration blog helps develop people’s collaborative skills and practices enable them to creatively challenge business as usual ways of working and to disrupt the status quo. Resulting in maximizing differences and diversity by knowing how to safely flow with their cognitive dissonance and applying creative tension, discord, and conflict to unleash the creative energy for innovation. This enables people to develop discomfort resilience, to connect, explore, discover opportunities and invent co-creative solutions to complex business problems.

Leadership role – leaders as connectors
Living in Israel for 6 years gave me the opportunity to experience me a range of challenging harsh realities, including - “if you don’t network, you don’t work”! Like many of us, I developed my consulting, learning and development business in...
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Shaping capacity for innovation
At ImagineNation™ we have spent 2 years researching, deciphering and evolving the concept of innovative eco-systems and explored how this concept could be applied at the individual, team, organisation and national levels. We found that the concept of a business...
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