Janet Sernack – Innovation Strategist, Consultant & Coach


As an innovation strategist, consultant and coach, I love to explore and empower others to discover, design and deliver creative ideas and innovative solutions. I have come the full circle from graphic and fashion designer, retail marketing executive and design management consultant to become a corporate trainer, facilitator and now a start-up entrepreneur as the CEO of ImagineNation. I use my collaborative, creative and critical thinking skills to co-create design and deliver customized change and blended deep learning solutions in innovation culture, leadership, teaming and coaching.


I help businesses achieve their innovation goals by challenging them to be, think and act differently to co-create a world where people matter and innovation is the norm. I enable people to be the best they can be, so they adapt, flow, collaborate, co-create in ways that make the world a better place, where the bottom line includes people, profit and planet.


I am the imaginative, creative, possibility and associational thinker on the team, where I converge and diverge patterns, trends and the latest thinking in innovation, with start-up, design thinking and emergent methodologies with neuroscience principles to provide concrete and collaborative foundations for innovation education. As an innovation strategist, consultant and coach, I help people, teams and organisations integrate these, through consulting, coaching, facilitation and leadership training.


Along with my partner, I am an avid reader, bookhead & Netflix series binger who also loves going to hit the big screen regularly at the movies. I am a seasoned meditator & global adventurer who occasionally feeds my India & Bollywood habits by heading off to Rajasthan to silently immerse myself in learning, retreat & reflection. I love walking & playing on the beach, with my 2 small, very naughty, fun loving joyful dogs.

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