Collaborizza Collaboration and Team Development: Self delivered


Playful collaboration and team development process to cultivate healthy trusted relationships, a clear and common purpose, clear processes, roles, and goals.

Thriving teams are built on healthy collaboration, clear and common purpose, trust, and equal voice.  Their members talk easily, listen to and learn from each other; they foster diversity, respect, and shared accountability, in-person and online.

What’s in the (pizza) box:

  • Team-size step-by-step session recipe
  • 12 packs of CCS Collaborizza Cards (using the Vision Pack 2017 Edition image set)
  • 18 sheets of CCS Vision Stickers
  • 4 Sticker templates
  • 12 Individual Team member journals including Hargraves’ Collaboration Assessment Tool for Teams

Collaborizza will guide your team to:

  • explore what they need to thrive and how to enhance collaboration within their team and with other teams
  • apply skills and tools to build positive collaboration and create impact
  • use the six factors that influence collaboration as a lens to improve everyday teamwork
  • use individual follow-up materials to build on workshop outcomes and consider practical collaborative actions for their team.

Easy to use at a time and place that suits you, the kit includes tried and tested materials and activities, and a facilitator’s guide to help you run a half-day workshop for your whole team that is both effective and enjoyable.

By following the step-by-step session recipe and individual follow-up activities, your team will gain insights into how they can increase performance and success by working with a focus on face-to-face collaboration, confidence and connectedness.

At the end of the group session and individual follow‑up activities, team members will have:

  • experienced enjoyable, high quality, team communication with honest disclosure and fresh insights that will carry into daily teamwork
    a unique visual record of the elements they believe they need to thrive and the impact they desire to have — recorded in the Team Workbook
  • a documented team assessment of the six aspects of team collaboration (belonging, trust, engagement, autonomy, competence, sense of progress)
  • agreed to specific quick-win actions for improving their collaboration
  • explored how they can personally align with and contribute to the team’s desired collaborative impact — recorded in each team member’s Team Member Journal.


Collaboration and team development game: self-delivered 

An engaging, fun, and relevant way to build thriving functional, agile, and innovation teams, facilitate team development and healthy collaboration – better relationships, clearer purpose, and better habits – straight out of the box.

If you are a team leader or team member, Collaborizza will help your team explore, assess and develop these collaborative qualities. Specifically designed to be self-delivered, Collaborizza gives your team a way to lead itself through a comprehensive team development session rich in creative conversations, deep listening and inquiring honest sharing and feedback, and fresh perspectives. By following the step-by-step group session plan and individual follow-up activities, your team will gain insights as to how they can catalyse change, improve performance and deliver successful outcomes by working together with a focus on collaboration, confidence, and connectedness.

With Collaborizza, your collaboration and team development process: