Invention and reinvention- The ImagineNation™ Manifesto

As we complete the very last activities involved in launching ImagineNation’s™ new branding strategy and stunning new website, there is a sense of deep accomplishment & interestingly, also a sense of profound relief. Reflecting on the nine-month bewildering & illuminating learning & profound change journey & innovation roller coaster ride that occurred, there is a lot to share, in what we appropriately developed & name The ImagineNation™ Manifesto.

Whether undertaking a new invention process, or a reinvention process, it is still a tough gig, which is possibly why so few people are willing to truly engage in either. Which is why we are sharing our experiences with you, to authentically help you achieve your innovation goals & lead the way forwards.

This is because the range of challenges arising in the 21st Century & the Digital & Connected Ages demand that we both discover new possibilities & opportunities & invent innovative solutions to wicked, business problems & provide increased value to users. To also re-invent ourselves, our teams and our business to remain relevant & resourceful to our customers & clients, in ways they appreciate, value & cherish.

Our innovation roller coaster journey commenced when we sat down initially, in November 2017, with the delightful Emily Seay, at Uberbrand – which is a Sydney based brand strategy, design & experience agency to workshop & articulate the new ImagineNation™ brand strategy. The intent was to re-invent & reposition ImagineNation™ in the global business and coaching marketplaces.

Our key challenge

Some of the key challenges we raised in our creative conversations acknowledged that;

  • More people & businesses are feeling uncertain about the future & are currently blind to, or poorly enabled & equipped to address the new realities that are emerging.
  • Innovation is one of the most overused word in businesses today, yet to keep up with this changing world, business leaders have been told to innovate.
  • However, very few businesses really know what it means to be innovative. Instead they are using short term, systematic & agile thinking processes to deliver incremental & not the disruptive changes that the new realities demand.

Our new thinking

Involves disrupting the way people & businesses think about innovation.  Acknowledging that, in uncertain times, too many business leaders fall into doing what feels comfortable to them. As a result, they tend to hold tightly onto the status quo, or seek episodic solutions to tick “innovation” off their “to do” lists.

Yet true innovation should & does feel uncomfortable.

Taking this into account, our intent, at ImagineNation™ which is reflected in our new website, is to educate the market on what it means to be innovative.

We are seeking to bridge the gap between the way people & businesses talk about innovation and how we, at ImagineNation™ talk about innovation & to communicate this in ways that are clear, consistent & convincing.

We are seeking to both assuage people’s & business natural & normal concerns whilst simultaneously challenging their habitual thinking & acting about innovation focussed change.

Our new positioning

At ImagineNation™ we help individuals, teams & organisations set & achieve their innovation goals by educating them on what innovation means & supporting them to foster a culture that allows & enables it to happen.

Yet true innovation comes from people.

Humans have an endless ability to imagine, create, invent & innovate, however not many people have the competence, confidence & capacity to do this.

By opening people up to their potential we can enable individuals, teams & businesses to innovate.

Because people matter

At ImagineNation™ we believe that people really, really matter as a valuable resource that can help businesses & organizations survive, keep up with, & flourish in a rapidly changing & uncertain world. Because people have feelings, thoughts, dreams, experience, knowledge, skills & talent that can help business & organizations take advantage of the uncertainty & the amazing changes that are happening & will likely happen as the future continues to emerge.

Our vison is help you to co-create a world where innovation is a way of life where innovation means;

  • Letting go of old prescribed notions about what will work and what won’t.
  • Smart risk-taking & experimenting, yet many or most organizations are not currently set up for that.
  • Being open to the development of new hybrid mindsets including whimsy, necessity & possibility.
  • Understanding why innovation is important & contextualising it to your organizational context.
  • Taking a systemic, strategic & human centred transformational culture development approach, involving leadership & blended learning journeys, aligned to technology.

We enable people to be, think and act differently, where people feel safe to, & have the courage to open their minds, hearts & will to engage in the discovery, design & delivery phases of innovation.

We help to cultivate people’s creativity, compassion & courage to collaborate to discover & embrace new ways of being, thinking & acting that result in great decisions & intelligent actions.

Why has the innovation rollercoaster been so challenging for us?

Whilst it may seem obvious now, it has involved a lot of good old-fashioned bravery & boldness in even embarking on such a journey & a deep sense of passionate purpose to fuel & sustain it.

It also involved being:

  • Creative & curious when trusting others & also when exploring new ways of communicating ideas.
  • Courageous in being prepared & willing to take real risks & developing deep conviction when putting “skin” into the game.
  • Determined & persistent to stay in the reinvention game & being resilient especially when things went really wrong.
  • Compassionate & collaborative with all of the key players to get things done, no matter what.

In your unique world of unknowns, where right now we are standing on the precipice of the unknown, make sure to contact us at ImagineNation™ because we can help you set & achieve your innovation goals, & maximize your peoples’ potential, from our own authentic & unique experience.

Where we will boldly lead the way, by challenging you to be, think & act differently & co create a world where people matter and innovation is the norm.