How do you know if your organisation is able to adapt, grow and innovate?

Are you able to establish organizational growth in a changing landscape?

We help take the guesswork out of driving growth by providing an indicator that gives senior executives and their management teams real numbers that shed light on previously hidden factors constraining their organization’s ability to grow.

Through a comprehensive, yet efficient assessment process, we can gather the data that lets us analyze the level of growth your organization can generate and exactly where you need to target your resources to accelerate growth.

The OGI’s hard metrics take the guesswork out of your growth planning.

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Be strategic, systemic and human centred

Innovation is a whole system phenomenon that keeps value creation alive.

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Unleash people’s innovation potential

Innovation is a way of life that involves working at the mindset level of your organisation.

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Achieve your strategy for growth in a disruptive world

Focus on taking the most intelligent actions.

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Create a safe and trusted environment that gives your people permission to collaborate, experiment and innovate.

Embed your culture change goals by building the internal capability to change the way people think, act, and feel.

Enable your people to be courageous and challenge the status quo, take risks, make mistakes to learn quickly.

Coach people and teams to nurture and embed innovation in your organisation through creative conversations.

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Create an energetic, creative, experimental and collaborative culture.


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We provide hard and soft data to effect your desired culture change.

What People Say


The deeply researched insights that Compass Learning and ImagineNation have wired into the work they do in unleashing the potential in individuals and teams through changing their mindsets satisfies even the strongest cynics that there is no better way to deliver great outcomes in business and often so in their personal lives.

Bob Hennessey
CIO Lend Lease

ImagineNation was chosen for this project because they provided a level of expertise and experience in this field. We wanted to adapt and use this experience so that it matched our cultural journey. They allowed us to work through Phase 1 of our journey with a solid understanding of where we are and where we want to go.

Grant Anderson
ANCA Group CEO/Director

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Janet over the past 3 years through her Coach for Innovators Program, participate in the Start Up Game over a two-day event in Dubai, and also engaged her to provide innovation education training for a group of start-up innovators we were supporting at Scope Global.

Belinda McCulloch