You may think your organisation is being innovative but how do you know if it really is?

Does your organisation have the necessary mindset and ability to grow through adaptive change in a disruptive world?

You can assess your ability to innovate by measuring the four mindsets and eight orientations that are critical for your organisation to successfully adapt, innovate and grow in the Digital Age. 

The OGIⓇ (Organisational Growth Indicator) establishes a benchmark of your organisation’s current ability and correlates your score to a predicted percentage growth factor, in line with your financial goals.

Ground Breaking Diagnostic with Hard Metrics|

The OGI gives you a clear picture of your ability to grow based on the cognitive architecture, or culture of your organisation – what you do and how you do it determines your ability to grow effectively and growth is essential if you want to survive and thrive in modern times.

The OGIⓇ is a 21st century culture assessment tool that measures your organisation’s readiness and ability to grow and transform in the face of disruption!

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