Innovation Coaching Program


Teaching you how to apply imagination, curiosity, creativity, invention, and innovation to leadership and teams in life and work

Enhance your ability to adapt, create, innovate and grow through disruption

Coaching for innovation evokes new ways of knowing and being, and adapting collectively and consciously to grow people, remake teams, and organisations in a disruptive VUCA world by integrating both whole systems and a whole person perspective to unleash people’s collective intelligence.

Due to the constantly shifting and changing business playing field in disruptive VUCA times, organisations are seeking creative and inventive ways of improving their ability to adapt, grow and innovate, especially in the face of accelerating change, disruption, and digitisation.

Innovation coaching has emerged as a new coaching modality that helps develop client’s engagement, communication, leadership, collaboration, and planning skills to enact and embody a true innovation model that enables them to:

  • Enhance their confidence, capacity, and competence (agility) to flow with exponential change, see and solve problems, embrace and emerge possibilities, and opportunities in a disruptive VUCA world.
  • Make sense of innovation in their unique context, aligning it strategically and systemically within a human-centered and engaging “pull” approach.
  • Define why (passionate purpose) they need to innovate as part and drive of an organisational or digital transformation initiative.
  • Build individual, team, and organisational change readiness and receptivity.
  • Cultivate a paradox lens, discomfort resilience, imagination, breakthrough mindsets, elastic thinking strategies, mental toughness, and emotional agility, behaviours, and skills to be, think and do things differently; including safely challenging the status quo and convention, allowing people to experiment and take smart risks, maximising inclusion, diversity, and achievement in ways that improve performance and generate growth.
  • Integrating an innovation learning curriculum for individuals and teams through applying emergence principles, design thinking, and start-up methodologies.

By developing the confidence, courage, and compassion to experiment with, (and fail) artfully mastering and safely using people’s cognitive dissonance as a creative catalyst for transformational change.


Adapt and Grow in Uncertain and Disruptive Times.
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The Coach for Innovators Program aims to:

  • Inspire and mobilise participants’ potential to learn, adapt and grow through disruption by building their confidence, capacity, and capability to create, invent and innovate and enable them to cultivate these qualities in the people, teams, and organisations they coach, manage, or lead.
  • Resource and empower participants to safely shake up and challenge the status quo and become boundary-pushers by embracing a strategic, systemic and human-centered approach to innovation through teaching and coaching speedy, agile, provocative, and blended methods (emergence, design thinking and start-up methodologies) that help people and teams adapt, grow, and flourish through disruption by applying the transformational powers of innovation.
  • Create a collective holding space and container which creates the conditions for individuals and groups to safely play, imagine, improvise, create and experiment, by having permission to make mistakes, and learn by doing, (failing fast) through inclusion, deep learning, contribution and challenger safety, as well as through cultivating people’s courage, compassion, creativity, and trust.
  • Resource and empower participants to know how to be, think, and act differently in ways that unlock people’s collective genius to generate creative ideas and innovative solutions that solve real problems and maximise opportunities in the 21st century.

The ICF accredited CCE Coach for Innovators Certified Program™ is a collaborative, intimate, and deeply personalised online group innovation learning and coaching program led by internationally acknowledged thought leader on the People Side of Innovation, Janet Sernack PCC.

Where she teaches you how to make sense of, and apply, in your unique context, creativity, design thinking, and innovation to leadership and teams in life and work.

Coaching for innovation helps people see, examine, and adjust their mental models so they can respond to, or coach others to respond to, entirely new realities and needs in the marketplace including:

  • Starting or finishing a significant creative project
  • Inventing a new business idea or start-up
  • Developing and aligning your team to an innovation strategy
  • Seeing and overcoming barriers to change, creativity and innovation
  • Reducing risk adversity and complacency
  • Maximizing diversity and differences in your team or organisation
  • Experimenting to test ideas smarter to learn faster
  • Improving your ability to influence, persuade and motivate others to turn ideas into action
  • Navigating a major change or business re-renewal
  • Creating a passionate purpose and flexible invention and implementation process for your business opportunity
  • Re-engineering your focus following a life or career transition, and finding a mission and purpose worth pursuing and leaving a legacy.
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Our Innovation Coaching program teaches you to work, think, act and team differently

It is suitable for leaders, managers, teams, consultants and coaches.

It is intense, interactive, personal and results in new ways of being, thinking, behaving and working and enables and empowers you to;

  • Make sense of innovation & position it strategically, in your own, or your client's unique context, to adapt & grow in the playing fields of the 21st century.
  • See the world with fresh eyes & become an anti-conventional & creative thinker, decision maker & problem solver.
  • Step back through attending, observing, retreating & reflecting to break biases, paradigms & shift mindsets to create space for the new insights & ideas to emerge.
  • Nurture your imagination by disrupting & breaking functional fixedness by knowing how to safely use cognitive dissonance as a source of constructive disagreement.
  • Discover unexpected patterns & connections & maximize differences & diversity in groups to generate new combinations for creative ideas & innovative solutions.
  • Experiment, fail, iterate & pivot to turn promising ideas into workable & innovative solutions applying start-up methodologies.
  • Mobilize others, steer past obstacles, to build collaborative teams, networks & eco-systems.
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What People Say


Over the last two years I have had exposure to other courses and seminars on innovation.  All have provided useful perspective and tools. The Coach for Innovators program is unique in its emphasis on the inner being, attitudes and personal practices that underlie the ability to coach innovation.  The program is resource rich and offers particularly powerful questions that can serve to be safely disruptive to the status quo.

Ellen Moran
Ph.D. PCC, Owner Leadership Dialogues USA

The Coaching for Innovators Program will offer you great value. You will benefit from Janet Sernack’s massive knowledge, experience and commitment in the field of innovation and you are encouraged to apply to your own business. In addition, it’s a very enjoyable experience.

Frank Uit de Weerd
Managing Director Aoidos Consulting Netherlands

A multi benefit course providing self-awareness, ability to think differently, coach in a way that makes your client more innovative and know your passionate purpose that can help you achieve your dream. I loved the reading materials and the reference given very helpful to keep and use. Slides given were very useful as a reference at all times.

Nehad Tadros