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In this unprecedented time of disruption and adversity, we are thinking about you, your families, communities, teams, and organisations.

Knowing that these factors impact significantly on our stress levels and neurology, and how many people are challenged as to how to lead and manage both the business and the human factors, under such difficult conditions, it reaffirmed for us, the importance of supporting leaders and managers to become more generous, tolerant, caring, empathic, and resilient.

Not only with themselves, and also with others, by strategically leading and managing both the business and human transitions to a post Covid-19 world.

We decided to lend support to you, our community, through a free “Making Innovation a Habit” webinar called “Leading and managing human transitions to adapt and grow through Disruption”.

It’s on Thursday, 23rd July, at 8.00 pm Sydney and Melbourne, 6.00 am New York, 11.00 am London, 12.00 pm Amsterdam, 2.00 pm Abu Dhabi, 6.00 pm Hong Kong. 

Join us for our free 45-minute webinar, where we’ll explore strategies how to manage and lead transitions, by taking both a business and a human perspective in empathising and supporting your people and teams to transition safely and effectively, from the “old normal” to what could become your adaptive and innovative “new normal” by understanding how to:

  • Shift your own and your people’s stress mindsets,
  • Effectively manage and lead people and teams through the three key phases in human transitions,
  • Become an effective and empathic transitional leader and manager.

Leave with practical ideas to and actionable tips to improve resilience, manage and lead transitions, and coach people and teams through disruption, and drive organisational change, to adapt and grow, during this difficult time.

Join our next Making Innovation a Habit FREE Webinar


Thursday, 23rd July, at 8.00pm Sydney and Melbourne, 6.00am New York, 11.00am London, 12.00pm Amsterdam, 2.00pm Abu Dhabi, 6.00pm Hong Kong


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Our Webinar Presenters

Janet Sernack PCC FILM Executive & Professionally Certified Innovation Coach, Professionally Certified OGI and GLI Practitioner 

Hailing from Australia, Janet is the Founder of ImagineNation™ she has 30 years of experience consulting and leading culture development, change management, leadership, and executive team education interventions to some of Australasia’s and Israel’s top 100 companies. She is an ICF PCC and Mbit certified executive coach, an NLP certified presenter, trainer, facilitator, and executive coach and has tertiary qualifications in Marketing, Adult Learning, and Workplace Assessment and Training.

She is acknowledged as a global thought leader on the people side of innovation, she presents globally on innovation and blogs regularly. She is one of the top 20 innovation bloggers at Innovation Excellence “the world’s most popular innovation blog” and presents the Coach for Innovators Certified Program several times a year.

Chris Gildersleeve, MAPP, M App Sc (Coaching Psych), M Bus (HRM), B Ec. Executive and Professionally Certified Innovation Coach, Professionally Certified OGI and GLI Practitioner 

Chris is an evidence-based executive coach and purposeful change practitioner, who support clients to achieve purposeful change and innovate.

He supports leaders and their teams to create organisations that have an engaged, productive, and innovative workforce that drives competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value and brings to his practice more than 30 years of corporate experience with accountability for complex change, talent identification, leadership development, and leadership of the HR function in the manufacturing, construction, capital equipment, technology, and industrial services sectors.

He is passionate about creating more engaging workplaces where people, leaders, and the organisation can be their best possible selves, thrive, and innovate.

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