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Join our next free 'Making Innovation a Habit' Webinar

Join our next free “Making Innovation a Habit” masterclass to flow and thrive in uncertain and unstable times!

Discover new ways of re-connecting through the complexity and chaos of dis-connection to create, invent and innovate in the future!

Our 45-minute masterclass and creative conversation will help you, your team, and your organisation develop the foundations for your post-pandemic re-connection strategy in the emerging hybrid and complex new world of work.

It will help you make your brain, mind, and body your best friends to flow and thrive in uncertain and unstable times.

It’s on Thursday, 25th August at 8.00 pm Sydney and Melbourne, 7.00 pm Hong Kong, 3.00 pm Abu Dhabi and 12.00pm London and 6.00 am New York, USA.

Please join Janet Sernack PCC, and EMCC Master Practitioner from ImagineNation in this highly interactive and reflective masterclass and creative conversation.

She will share a framework for re-connection that enables you to pause-retreat and reflect on the realities of your current individual and collective situations, as well as to identify what elements to leverage in moving forwards to rest and flourish, and thrive and flow in a chaotic world.

We will lay the foundation for re-connecting your people to re-set to create invent and innovate in for 2022 and beyond by sharing our responses to these critical questions:

  • Why is it important to re-connect in unstable and uncertain times in the new world of work?
  • What is the framework and what are the key elements?
  • What are the key steps to take?
  • How can organisations, leaders, and coaches reconnect people, to flow in 2022 and beyond?

Leave with practical ideas, tools, and actionable tips toward catalyzing change quickly to respond to ambiguity, turbulence, and rapid development in ways that support and enable organisations to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.

Join our next Making Innovation a Habit FREE Webinar

Discover new ways of re-connecting through the complexity and chaos of dis-connection to create, invent and innovate!


It’s on Thursday, 25th August 2022 at 8.00 pm in Sydney at 3.00 pm in Abu Dhabi, and 12.00 pm in London


Explore …
Why make the shift to flow now!
Why is it so important to focus on re-connecting people, teams, and organisations in 2022??
What does it mean to re-connect people?
What does it mean to be re-set for success and growth in 2022?
How to revitalize, and reenergize exhausted people, teams, and organisations. … and more!

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Our Range of Webinar Presenters

Janet Sernack PCC FILM Executive and Professionally Certified Innovation and Mbit Coach, Professionally Certified OGI and GLI Practitioner 

Hailing from Australia, Janet is the Founder of ImagineNation™ she has 35 years of experience consulting and leading culture development, change management, leadership, and executive team education interventions to some of Australasia’s,  Israel’s, and Canada’s top 100 companies. She is an ICF PCC and Mbit certified executive coach, an NLP certified presenter, trainer, facilitator, and executive coach, and has tertiary qualifications in Marketing, Adult Learning, and Workplace Assessment and Training.

She is acknowledged as a global thought leader on the people side of innovation, where she presents globally on innovation coaching, culture, and leadership and provides blogs monthly to major innovation sites and publications. She presents the Coach for Innovators Certified Program virtually and globally several times a year.

She is passionate about enabling people to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption in ways that add value to the quality of people’s lives in ways they appreciate and cherish.

Chris Gildersleeve, MAPP, M App Sc (Coaching Psych), M Bus (HRM), B Ec. Executive and Professionally Certified Innovation Coach, Professionally Certified OGI and GLI Practitioner,  ICF PCC. 

Chris is an evidence-based executive coach and purposeful change practitioner, who support clients to achieve purposeful change and innovate.

He supports leaders and their teams to create organisations that have an engaged, productive, and innovative workforce that drives competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value and brings to his practice more than 30 years of corporate experience with accountability for complex change, talent identification, leadership development, and leadership of the HR function in the manufacturing, construction, capital equipment, technology, and industrial services sectors.

He is passionate about creating more engaging workplaces where people, leaders, and the organisation can be their best possible selves, thrive, and innovate.

Dagmar Boettger, CTI  Certified Coach, Certified Coach for Innovators,  Professionally Certified OGI, and GLI Practitioner with ICF PCC pending. 


Dagmar is an executive and team coach for innovation leadership so that people make innovation a new habit and create value, in existing organisations. She enables leaders and teams to shift their mindsets to empower them at an individual, team, and organisational level.

She focuses on enabling change agility and helping leaders and teams build a new future of work, so they can shape their innovation culture and learn to use technology to get problems solved in new ways, thus creating new value.

She is passionate about customer centricity, empowerment, and getting rid of blocking dynamics as the key to enabling the mindset shifts building on the foundation of a successful 20 years plus career in HR, learning and development, across different geographies and across multiple industries.

Her work at ImagineNation incorporates cutting-edge diagnostic tools, blended learning, and coaching techniques to enable integrated learning.

The Covid-19 Pandemic accelerated the future: Now seize it – Free EMCC Webinar

The Covid-19 pandemic was an unexpected curve in our lives and for countless companies globally. This current moment has opened a window in time for everyone to pause, retreat and reflect because change also brings opportunity and constraint breeds creativity.

Explore what new capabilities are in order, and how leaders and teams can navigate, co-create, pioneer, catalyze and deliver more agile, collaborative, innovative and sustainable post-pandemic company futures, where everyone is able to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.

Surviving and Thriving through Disruption – Free Webinar

In collaboration with Sustain Leadership we to learn how to master the waves of disruptive change, to sense and see the best learning opportunities and creative possibilities that the disruptive waves are offering us, as they arise. Knowing that if we try to either control, avoid or resist the massive chaos, disruption, and uncertainty occurring right now globally, across our civil societies, it’s a bit like trying to surf a huge wave, within the unpredictable playground of the turbulent ocean, where we are potentially at risk of getting thrashed and dumped.

Making Innovation a Habit – Free Webinar

“Cultivating Mental Toughness to adapt and innovate through disruption” to learn the foundations for mental toughness and a range of simple strategies to leverage and cultivate the mental toughness to adapt and drive innovation. Explore strategies by taking both a business and a human perspective in supporting your people and teams to make fundamental changes to the way they think about problems.

Making Innovation a Habit – Free Webinar

“Cultivating emotional agility to drive innovation” to learn the foundations for emotional agility and simple strategies that can be leveraged to cultivate emotional agility to drive innovation. explore strategies by taking both a business and a human perspective in supporting your people and teams to make fundamental changes to the way they think about problems and challenges.