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Our culture blog is about helping organisations adapt, grown and innovate through disruption with OGI®. Where changes are accelerating making innovation a strategic and systemic necessity and competitive lever to adapt, grow and innovate in a connected world. For business and digital transformation efforts to succeed, there needs to be an effective bridge that links organizational strategy, technological change, within the organisations system, to the individual and collective human factors, which are expressed through culture.

Culture is about connecting with and sharing people’s values and beliefs, understanding and hearing their thoughts, developing positive rituals and supportive and aligned communication, reward and recognition systems. It is also about encouraging and role modeling the desired behaviours that motivate, inspire and lead improved business performance.

Innovation culture involves creating a psychologically safe environment where people are trusted and have permission to collaborate, experiment and innovate.

Organisations that embrace this and do it successfully, will develop a new breed of knowledge workers, who know how to be, think and act differently, who are adaptive, operate with speed, agility, and are resilient.

By embracing a strategic and systemic approach to contextualising, measuring and benchmarking culture, by understanding, quantifying and shifting an organisations collective mindset through The Organizational Growth Indicator® (the OGI®).  The OGI® is an ability measure that reveals both the strengths & the constraints occurring in your organisation that impacts your ability to affect value creation for your customers & organisational growth for your business.

The OGI® provides the hard data that enables you to reshape your individual leaders’ mindsets & your organisations collective growth mindsets. To enhance your capability in resetting the rules for successfully leading the way in tackling the changes and challenges emerging in the 21st century.

Innovation culture – where the spirit of innovation flourishes
I have been wondering for some time, how to perceive the unprecedented levels of global volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) as opportunities and catalysts for radical changes. Towards creating an innovation culture, where the spirit of innovation flourishes. Some...
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