ProblemInnovation & Entrepreneurship Concepts

Scope Global is a specialist project management company delivering international development & international education programs throughout Australia, Asia, and the Pacific. They have mobilised over 10,000 scholars and volunteers and contributed to improved the quality of life in thousands of communities on a global scale. Whilst being proficient in adding value to meet the social, cultural, and organisational needs of their clients, they could add significantly more value by developing volunteers capabilities in innovation and entrepreneurship. By enabling their volunteers to assist clients to build creative, local, commercially viable, scalable, independent & sustainable entrepreneurial businesses for worldwide export.

What we did

Provided a comprehensive introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship concepts, mindsets, and behaviours through a bespoke innovation learning program.

Identified the potential for returned volunteers and wider stakeholders engaged in international development activities to lead and manage innovative projects.

  • Collaborated with Scope Global to design and facilitate a comprehensive bespoke one-day experiential workshop.
  • Facilitated individual volunteers’ personal development plans.
  • Supported the innovation learning program with a comprehensive and customized innovation handbook and toolkit.

What We Achieved

  • Volunteers are enabled to effect positive change through building the creative and innovative capacity of people, organisations, and communities in their assigned communities in developing countries. 
  • Volunteers are enabled to meet the social, cultural, and organisational needs of their clients with a scalable and flexible approach by initiating, building & leading innovative start-up projects in their assigned communities in developing countries.
  • Volunteers achieved valuable and achieve sustainable business development outcomes in their assigned communities in developing countries




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