Top Team OGI® Culture Diagnostic

ProblemTop Team OGI® Culture Diagnostic

Aerion is a small, agile & entrepreneurial development & software company based in Melbourne, Australia. They provide innovative development solutions to companies across different industries. Seeking to effectively advance their vision to achieve a 33% growth goal & 20% profit margin, they contracted ImagineNation™ to conduct an online cultural assessment to measure & assess their current ability to adapt, grow & achieve these business goals.

What we did

Conducted an OGI® online survey across the executive team & software developers to identify;

  • Key supporting factors (mindsets & orientations) enabling delivery of their profit & growth goals.
  • Key constraining factors (mindsets & orientations) potentially inhibiting the delivery of their profit & growth goals.
  • Recommendations for improving overall business performance & growth.

What We Achieved

  • Provided the hard data revealing that the business was at an inflection point in the business cycle creating the necessity & urgency for the development of a strategic focus.
  • Determined that, as a Tier 4 organisation, Aerion’s current level of ability would give them a 16-18% growth rate which is 15-17% below their desired 33% goal.
  • Determined that as a Tier 4 organisation, with Aerion’s current level of ability they would have difficulty in achieving their desired 20% increase in profitability
  • Built buy-in & ownership to develop a strategic focus towards developing the mindsets & orientations required to develop their ability to achieve their profit & growth goals through unleashing people’s innovation potential, developing leadership & culture, as well as engaging people in collaboration & teaming.
  • Outlined a plan for disciplined growth through the development of a blue ocean business model to shift their strategic focus from being innovation designers towards become client centric solutions providers.
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