Heather-Jane Gray – Innovation Strategist & Executive Coach

innovation strategist and executive coach

As an innovation strategist & executive coach, I’m passionate about leveraging talent to make the world a better place & do this by helping clients to lead change more effectively. My background before consultancy was an RN to CEO/International Health Strategist. I’ve had my own SME for more than 20yrs , where my specialty is helping Boards & Executives with Values-based Leadership/Behavioural & Cultural Change Programs, underpinned with Action Learning for innovative High Performing Teams & Executive Coaching.


I find that people often struggle with the enormity of change, in life & at work – sadly they are often too worried to admit it (especially Directors who sometimes think that this admission might be perceived as a sign of weakness rather than a strength).  I care passionately about people & the sustainability of our planet and, as an innovation strategist & executive coach, enjoy leveraging diversity for creative solutions to just about whatever challenge is thrown at me!


I use a values-based approach based on my core strengths of Connectivity, Input, Ideation, Activation & Woo (Influencing) underpinned with the latest evidence from Neuroscience, to help clients bring their ideas to life, in a culture where they can flourish. I use a blended learning approach (Face-to-Face & Virtual) with Emotional (EQ) & Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) – I’m dyslexic & because I think a little differently, my questions often provoke deeper exploration (clients tell me I’ve a knack for getting to the heart of issues quickly).


I’m happily married to Nick who shares a love of walking in nature, especially along beaches & amongst trees. As long as I’m warm, I’m at my happiest under the sea or skiing on mountains – we also travel & are often found on interesting & remote road trips. Whilst we don’t have pets, I’m always up for a ‘dog fix’ in the park! I love travel, sculpture, galleries, museums, ballet, & opera. At weekends it’s meditative gardening, golf, bridge/ dinner with friends, reading & movies. I also help mentor young people, as they are the future.

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As an innovation strategist & executive coach, ask me lots of questions about leveraging innovation strategically and systemically to unleash your potential

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