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Sam Adkins innovation consultants

As innovation consultant & coach for innovators, I facilitate and develop awareness of unconscious and underlying motivations in individuals and teams. I can be relied upon to ask the questions we need to ask to get to the answers we seek. I gently challenge and disrupt the status quo constructively to cut through the hype and jargon that often occurs in business conversations. I am a qualified Counsellor, certified Innovation Coach as well as ICF accredited Executive Coach and have worked for over 15 years with people and their challenges. I bring that wealth of experience to our customised and blended learning approaches for organisations.


I understand people’s motivation and underlying concerns, and work with that to make a big shift for them. I really enjoy those breakthrough moments with individuals or teams,  and know how to harness that to move the person or team forward into new and unchartered territory. I feel such a sense of reward for making a difference in this way.


I used my highly trained instinct and knowledge of people from the years of working with them in health and well-being and as a counsellor. I just know when there is an incongruence in the conversation of an individual, or in the development of an idea in a team interaction. I gently use that insight to promote congruence and creative flow towards resolution.


I love the ocean so being near it on the beach, or swimming or sailing in it are my passions. I read voraciously and love expanding my breadth of knowledge about a broad range of topics. Having interesting and dynamic conversation over dinner or a chai is one of my all time favourite things.

Enabling you to be, think and do things differently through innovation consulting and coaching
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As an innovation consultant and coach, I want to hear your questions about how to effect deep change and learning in people, teams and organisations

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