Maria Georgaki – Innovative Leadership Coach and Facilitator


As an Innovative Leadership Coach and Facilitator, I help organizations and leaders in making transitions and shifting into a new mindset through innovation. I enable leaders and teams to develop behaviors, skills, competencies through a safe and trusting environment and challenge them to achieve higher goals.


I have 25 years of international experience in Human Resources and Organisational Development in corporate and consulting environment and I was leading projects in the areas of culture and change management, talent and leadership development, performance management and rewards and I would like to share my insights and my experience to organisations and leaders.

My passion, as an Innovative Leadership Coach and Facilitator, at ImagineNation is to inspire others to believe and progress in their development so that they find happiness and achieve excellence.


As an Innovative Leadership Coach and Facilitator, my main principles in business is to create learning, advocate self-awareness, build relationship & trust and listen with empathy and be presence.  I use different assessment tools depending on the client needs to assess behaviours and competencies and to enable setting clear goals that can help them to get the best long term value of our relationship. I also may provide some additional tools like job assignments, articles, or books that they might be interested to read. I facilitate workshops and I mentor/coach teams and leaders through the Innovation Coaching Model.


I was born and raised in Cyprus, an island in Eastern Mediterranean Sea and I adore swimming and enjoying my time at the beach. I like travelling all around the world and I am passionate about meeting people from different region/cultures. I love tasting different cuisines and I really appreciate nice and gourmet restaurants. I love my books and I enjoy nice walks trails in the nature. My best is to spend time with my family and good friends.

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