Julie Goodhart – Innovation Catalyst and Coach


As an innovation catalyst and coach, I am a compassionate leader and an enabler who sees the bigger picture, is able to make relevant connections, and make things happen. People who work with me describe me as someone who naturally attracts and empowers people into working with me.  I am a strategic thinker and a problem solver who enables individuals, groups, teams, and organisations to define and achieve their innovation and learning goals through the development of their people. To succeed in innovation, we must succeed in developing people and more specifically how they relate with themselves and each other.


As an innovation catalyst and coach, I have found that to date there have been concurrent themes to my professional career: innovation, entrepreneurship and human impact. I love people, creativity, innovation, co-creation, collaboration, and partnerships for the purpose of improving business and humanity.  I am highly experienced in managing new and existing relationships with people of varied backgrounds, experiences and ages, and have experience fulfilling the needs of multiple and diverse stakeholders/partners at local, national and international levels.


I connect with and create beneficial relationships with a mutual purpose. I foster this by being sincerely curious about people, their interests, and their communities or business. As an innovation catalyst and coach, I relish finding that thread of connection that could lead to collaboration and I approach all relationships with curiosity; looking for opportunities where we can be of service to and add value for each other. I combine this with the use of innovative and proven tools, blended learning, and coaching techniques to enable groups to constructively dance with the process, tension, and diverse perspectives to integrate learning and innovate.


I love the adventure and connection with our great outdoors and love to hike and am learning to mountain bike with my family and friends. A lot of my social time is linked to the outdoors. This is even more complete when sealed with a glass of South Australian red wine.  I am a lifelong learner who enjoys reading, and is curious about people and cultures – I have had the privilege of visiting and living in a number of countries across the Asia-Pacific and Europe and am not thriving living in beautiful South Australia.

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