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As an innovation leadership coach, I love being curious and challenging, I love to inspire people to imagine new ways to solve their conflicts. Why does it have to be this way? Has been one of my favourite questions in life and my job. I worked in Corporate HR in L&D, and shaped five Change Management in Paris, China, Hong Kong and headquarters in corporate and family run companies. I use my strategic, creative & critical thinking skills to support shape innovation culture, develop leadership skills for greater innovation results.


I believe in value creation of companies through the power of innovation. I believe in the power of human interaction for the benefit of finding smart solutions to our challenges in the world. As I have been stopped in my thinking in my work to innovate, I now like to enable people and leaders of people to shape innovative ideas and ways in companies to make ideas happen. As an innovation leadership coach, this includes supporting company leaders transform the companies for higher innovative results, to co-create in ways that make the world a better place, where bottom lines feature people, profit and planet.


As an innovation leadership coach, I am a systematic thinker and I put dots together in a different way. I ask the long-term questions and want to shape long-term answers with respect to people. So if you want to innovate, how do you need to change your style as leader or organization to make people more innovative and successful with making ideas happen. I facilitate workshops and coach teams and leaders.


Along with my husband and unfortunately less with my teenage kids, I love to walk trails and be in the outdoor, I love skiing and would travel the world if I could do that on my own. I love to speak my foreign languages and to experience different cuisines and ways of living. I am passionate about architecture, art, reading and cinema. I love to dance.

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