Cristina Mallo – Business and Administration Manager


As a business and administration manager, I am passionate about looking for effective mechanisms to connect with people. This propels me to be creative and become a solution-centric person. I learned from my working experience that in every problem, there would always be a solution. Coming from a place of help means bearing a positive mindset as a great foundation.  


As an innovation enthusiast, my commitment is to rally for the brand’s strong online presence in a  consistent manner. Establishing authority and credibility at all costs. Catering to people and putting them first at the heart of every decision means having a growth mindset and a change in perspective.  Regardless of cultural backgrounds, people must be capable to adapt and be ahead of the game especially during challenging times.  


Maximising the use of digital platforms and social media outlets are the best and exciting medium for networking purposes. This means creating imaginative strategies such as delivering fresh, timely, and relevant content for the market. The more relevant information available, the better. It opens the relationship and easier accessibility. As a business and administration manager, open communication also plays a key role to let people know that their voices are heard and they are important in achieving great results.  


Travel is one of my stress-relievers. I have been to some countries within Asia doing backpacking with my friends. I look forward to having maybe a Europe tour someday with my family and experience snow.  I love reading leadership, and motivational types of books along with watching videos on YouTube. I love meeting people. I am currently involved with a mentoring group composed of husbands and wives.  

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