Chris Gildersleeve – Executive coach and change practitioner


As an Evidence-based Executive Coach and Purposeful Change Practitioner, I support clients to achieve purposeful change and innovate. I support leaders and their teams to create organisations that have an engaged, productive, and innovative workforce that drives competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value. As an evidence-based executive coach and purposeful change practitioner, I bring to my practice more than 30 years of corporate experience with accountability for complex change, talent identification, leadership development, and leadership of the HR function in the manufacturing, construction, capital equipment, technology, and industrial services sectors.


I am passionate about the creation of more engaging workplaces where people, leaders and the organisation can be their best possible selves, thrive and innovate.  The evidence-base highlights that my work trickles from those who I support achieve sustainable, purposeful change to those in their circle of influence, building a more sustainable organisation.


I draw on evidence-based practice from the fields of positive and coaching psychology and innovation. I formulate bespoke interventions that support clients to manage in environments of complexity, enhance leadership capability, lead organisation and cultural change, unlock mindsets shown to support innovation, and develop and implement effective talent management processes. As an evidence-based executive coach and purposeful change practitioner, I support organisations improve, I draw on leading thinking and the evidence base from positive organisation behaviour, scholarship, and practices; innovation, engaging leadership, and change management. When supporting individual and organisational purposeful change, I may draw on valid and reliable assessment instruments that provide the client with insight that guides their journey.


I am an individual with an eclectic collection of interests. You can find me from spring to autumn sailing the Parramatta River. When younger, I fell in love with jazz and continue to perform with my band in Sydney, Delta Jazz, and other groups. I am a lifelong learner who continues to explore and challenge thinking in positive and coaching psychology. Community is important to me. I have been active on the Committee of Concord and Ryde Sailing Club for more than 15 years, currently holding the position of Vice President. I am also President of the Australian Jazz Convention leading a team of volunteers nationwide to bring the Convention to life each year.

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As an evidence-based executive coach and purposeful change practitioner ask me lots of questions about changing and leveraging innovation to unleash your people’s potential.

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