The Start-Up Game™
A playful and experiential business simulation designed to develop a common understanding of innovation agility and cultivate an intrapreneurial business enterprise culture!


When Players engage in The Start-Up Game™ business simulation they are freed of their constrained conventional rules, “in the box” thinking habits and “status quo” conditioning. They have opportunities to co-create an energising, judgement-free, improvisational and experimental, learning and play space that allows players to fail fast to learn quickly.

How Players benefit from The Start-up Game Business Simulation™

  • Cultivates people’s intrapreneurial spirits
  • Encourages people to challenge the status quo and take smart risks
  • Breaks down silos’ and improves collaboration
  • Develops people’s creative problem-solving skills

Players experiment with, learn, fail and apply adult & experiential learning principles to be, think and act differently.

The Start-Up Game™ business simulation enables players to understand, by having a visceral, emotional and cognitive experience of creating, developing and realizing a start-up or new business venture.

The Start-Up Game™ business simulation cultivates their innovation agility which enables them to speed up change, be adaptive, flexible and accelerate the innovation culture development process.

Agility Competence involves cultivating the motivators, mindsets, behaviours and generative skills necessary to;

  • Respond to the unexpected and unplanned
  • Shift their thinking to emerge possibilities and exploit opportunities
  • Transform customer and business problems into creative ideas and innovative solutions

Agility Capacity involves cultivating the emotional, visceral & cognitive abilities to;

  • Safely disrupt, challenge and transform the status quo
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Flow and flourish with uncertainty, ambiguity and instability

Agility confidence involves cultivating the resilience, determination and self-efficacy to;

  • Trust their own, and others’ judgments, competence and capacity
  • Be adaptive, creative and effective in changing contexts

 The Start-Up Game™ business simulation transcends typical existing experiential learning activities, business simulations and competitive corporate board games based on the old “Monopoly” paradigm. This is because it does not rely on the competitive luck and chance factors that tend to focus players on winning rather than on collaborating and teaming to generate real and concrete learning’s.

This program closes the “gap” between “theory and practice” and between “knowing and doing”

It closes the gaps between Theories; what they know and Practice; what they do, in an engaging, frustrating and challenging game that allows players to experiment, fail and make mis-takes as they cycle through the key phases of developing and realizing an innovative start-up company.

This gives them to opportunity, in a safe learning environment, where they have permission to be vulnerable and courageous, to fail fast, to learn quickly and make distinctions (that increase their knowledge) on theories presented to practice and apply them in ‘real life.’


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