The Start-Up Game™
This is a unique serious and yet playful business simulation that develops players innovative entrepreneurial capabilities.

startup2Games are often used in corporations to establish metaphors or mirrors for what happens in ‘real life’ and business simulations create opportunities for learning through playing that involves fun, frustration, challenge and discomfort. The Start-Up Game™ allows people to experiment with the key phases in initiating, designing, developing and realizing a start-up company.

It enables players to experiment with the innovative and lean and agile entrepreneurial concepts’ principles and techniques presented.

They experience failures (and successes) as significant learning experiences without the ‘real life’ rewards and consequences and are able to apply these to their current role, creating a innovative products and services, a start-up and to their business environment.

The Start-Up Game™ enables players to understand, by having a visceral, emotional and cognitive experience of creating and realizing a start-up or new business venture. They also learn why entrepreneurship and innovation are the key new levers for 21st century enterprise success.

Players learn how to be innovative entrepreneurial leaders and managers who know how be, think and act differently.

  • To enable businesses to reap greater rewards from the development of innovative new business models, agile and iterative product and service developments.
  • To operate through faster, more nimble and improved process and system efficiencies by embracing a collaborative and innovative team based approach.

The Start-Up Game™ transcends typical existing experiential learning activities, business simulations and competitive corporate board games based on the old “Monopoly” paradigm. This is because it does not rely on the competitive luck and chance factors that tend to focus players on winning rather than on collaborating and teaming to generate real and concrete learning’s.

It is different in that it provides value by;

  • Using the foundational game structure of a business simulation, with both achievement and competitive elements. 
  • Providing players with key prestige and privilege elements by badging reputation points and start-up strength or value.
  • Integrating adult, experiential and gamification concepts, principles and techniques into a relevant corporate learning problem solving context.
  • Enabling players to develop the mindsets that see business opportunities and pursue them in adaptive, collaborative, innovative, entrepreneurial, lean and agile ways. 
  • Facilitating ‘learning by doing,’ through constant iteration (repetition) & pivoting (make an improvement) players’ ideas & solutions for innovative start-up companies that solve global problems.

This program closes the gap between theory and practice

It closes the gaps between Theories; what they know and Practice; what they do, in an engaging, frustrating and challenging game that allows players to experiment, fail and make mis-takes as they cycle through the key phases of developing and realizing an innovative start-up company.









This gives them to opportunity, in a safe learning environment to make distinctions (that increase their knowledge) on theories presented to apply them in ‘real life.’

The workshop includes two sales pitch presentations, an initial pitch to VC investors to obtain seed funding for their start-up incubation phase. A second sales pitch involving the development of their 9 step business model canvas and start-up story to obtain growth funding from VC investors or company sponsors to fund their growth and acceleration phase.

startupThey  transfer and integrate the mindsets, behaviors, skills and practices of effective innovative entrepreneurs to the business environment as innovative leaders or as internal intrapreneurs.

The workshop is offered in a one day and two day format depending on client need.

It can be supported by an alignment and in-depth preparation process, including a needs analysis and learning diagnostic to fine-tune and adapt it to the client organizations business strategy and business issues as well as participant’s specific needs and working environment.

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