Live Innovation Education Events and Workshops
Gain the knowledge, skills and experience to take courageous leaps into innovation!

We offer a range of experiential, playful learning events activities including business simulations, innovation challenges, innovation jams, innovation workshops, retreats & innovation labs that incorporate adult learning principles, gamification processes and blended learning solutions. So that people to learn by playing, doing and failing.

Innovation Workshops


We offer a range of innovation education workshops, that can all be tailored to specific client requirements including;

  • Making Sense of Innovation One Day Workshop

This interactive one day workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to innovation & entrepreneurship concepts, mindsets and behaviors through a series of brief education sessions as well as a short experiential activity that integrates the key learning’s and brings them to life.

  • Making Sense of Innovation Two Day Workshop 

This interactive two day workshop incorporates your unique business problem and provides, on day one, a comprehensive introduction to innovation, entrepreneurship and human centered design thinking concepts, mindsets, behaviors and skills through education and business application sessions.

Day two is focused on applying and integrating the innovation principles introduced in day one with human centered design thinking processes and start-up methodologies to solve your business problem.  A short experiential activity transforms it into an innovative solution that gets pitched as a start-up solution to senior managers and key stakeholders to take forwards into the business.

  • Making Sense of Innovation Multi Channels Workshop for Large Groups

This multi channel is a customized approach that includes webinars, The Start-Up Game™ , action learning assignments and team and individual coaching.

Residential Innovation Retreats

Looking to experience a hands on, immersive experience of Innovation and get your team to understand the worth of innovation and how to make it part of everything you do? Our Innovation Retreat enables your team and yourself to deeply understand innovation, how to change behaviours and to “be” more innovative through an intensive and immersive 2 and a half day retreat.

How you and your team can benefit from our Innovation Retreats:

  • Gain a deep personal understanding of what innovation is and how it matters to your team or organization
  • Develop your passionate purpose to help you drive innovation and act with conviction
  • Align your team to the goals of innovation at your organisation or within your team so everyone is speaking the same language and working towards the same goals
  • Develop your creativity, design thinking and courage to make the leaps required to make innovation work for you.

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs use awareness-based social technologies to enable executive, leadership and product and service teams to connect, reflect, engage and inspire one another to experiment and explore possibilities for change and innovation.

Innovation Labs create the ‘safe space’ for deep listening and dialogue, for playfulness, dreaming, storytelling, improvisation and re-framing to;

  • Align the business and innovation strategies.
  • Awaken and hear people’s voices, to allow people to think for themselves and collectively to realise the potential of the group or the team.
  • Elicit more and different multiple perspectives from the group or team, by maximizing cognitive diversity and dissonance by creating intentional and disruptive ‘collisions’ between what is necessary and what is possible.
  • Raise the consciousness and collaborative capacity of the group or team, to ignite their courage and draw on their competence to identify new possibilities to experiment with and to learn from.
  • Create openings and thresholds that perceive complex and wicked problems in new ways resulting in breakthrough and game changing solutions that can be synthesised into an innovative vision, start-up, product or service prototype and implementation plan.

What does an Innovation Lab involve?

Innovation Labs use a wide range of technological, emergence and experiential processes that focus on the ‘how to’ of innovation. The intent is to generate, ideate, iterate and experiment with different and disruptive ideas, methods and unexpected ways of doing things to generate game changing ideas and solutions.

Innovation Jams and Hackathons

We work with our eco-system partner, The Still Dynamic, to Design, build and deliver design-integrated hackathons to unlock your internal talent. These incorporate rapid co-design and deep, full-system co-design to support individuals and groups to deepen their personal engagement authentically and business model innovation through human-centred thinking and systems thinking. By generating the conditions for success, deepening self-understanding and emotional intelligence and scaffolding and “solving-with” our clients.