Why make sense of innovation?

business-innovation-17525507One of the greatest challenges in making sense of innovation is to create a coherent and common understanding of the key notions that try to define it; innovation, innovation leadership, innovation teams and innovation culture to name just a few. Adding entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to the mix, it seemed to us at ImagineNation™ an opportunity, to provide our community with a menu of simple, yet comprehensive set of definitions, that can be adapted to peoples’ business practices, clients as well as to their individual needs.

We have long suspected that one of the key reasons why people and enterprises are not yet convinced that innovation is the 21st century strategic and systemic lever to change, growth and increased competitiveness is due to this lack of a coherent and common understanding!


Making sense of innovation topics

Please register for our series of eight short five minute videos on innovation, with downloadable worksheets to personalize your learning’s’ to introduce, answer and summarize the following questions;

  1. What is innovation?
  2. What is the innovation process?
  3. Why is innovation important to businesses today?
  4. What are the benefits of innovation?
  5. Who is an innovator?
  6. What are the 4 types of innovation?

What you will learn by taking this course

By taking this short video based training program you will know;

  • How to describe what innovation means to you, and to your clients in your own specific business contexts.
  • What the three key steps in the innovation process are and what skills are required to be successful in each of them.
  • Some of the most important reasons why innovation is important to you and your clients businesses today.
  • A range of very specific and tangible benefits that innovation offers you and your clients businesses.
  • What core competences you need to be an effective innovator.
  • How to determine the most suitable type of innovation for you and your clients businesses.
  • What to do next, by applying what you have learnt from this course.

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