Transformational Innovation Culture Journeys
We collaborate with our innovation eco-system partners, to provide our clients with both a quantitative and qualitative understanding as to its ability to adapt and grow in the context of innovation.


We live in an age of disruption where change is constantly accelerating. We don’t know what is coming in the future, so we must innovate to both prepare for change, and to make change.

We have the opportunity to make a choice – to either swim with the tide and become the disrupter or, to swim against it and become the disrupted.


We collaborate with our global innovation eco-system partners, to provide our clients with both a quantitative and qualitative understanding as to its ability to adapt and grow in the context of innovation.

So that innovation can flourish and become the norm, a habit, and an essential part of the way things are done within a business enterprise. Where people and customers enjoy the best possible, and most valuable experience from their interaction with the organization.

What is an Innovation Culture?

An innovation culture is built through shared learning and mutual experience creating an environment where people have permission to make mistakes and learn from their failures. Where people are willing be uncomfortable, and courageously experiment and confidently disrupt the status quo and rock the “business as usual” boat.

Where organizations are prepared to;

  • Adopt a strategic and systemic approach to innovation.
  • Put people and customers first.
  • Encourage people to be provocative and adaptive to change.
  • Enable people to collaborate and break down silos.
  • Constantly learn and improve through retreat, reflection and observation.
  • Be curious, confident, compassionate and courageous in exploring possibilities for creative change.
  • Maximize diversity and differences to elicit the best ideas and decisions.
  • To experiment, take smart risks and learn by failing fast, and iterate and pivot changes.

How do we Measure Culture?


©Brett Richards, Connective Intelligence Inc., 2017

At ImagineNation™ we use both Quantitative and Qualitative processes and methodologies to diagnose, measure and contextualize a business enterprises’ culture.

We have partnered with Connective Intelligence Inc. to incorporate their Organizational Growth Indicator® (OGI®), developed by Dr. Brett Richards, as a means of assessing an organization’s ability to grow and thrive.

The OGI® is a statistically validated tool designed to assess an organization’s ability to grow through new value creation and adaptive change.

The OGI® quantitatively assesses the organization’s internal environment consisting of its climate, culture and mindset which strongly influence its approach and capability to driving growth and transformation.

New Value Creation and Adaptive Change

  • New Value Creation – provides a holistic view of innovation – outlining internally and/or externally focussed efforts to either enhance or create new value.
  • Adaptive Change – means the ability to effectively change structures, processes and/or culture as required to achieve the organization’s mission, vision and strategic business objectives.

The OGI® assesses the organization’s “readiness” for and responsiveness to internally and/or externally generated change.

  • Measurement tangible data, turning soft people and culture issues into hard metrics.
  • Evaluation assessing ROI on Training & Organizational Development efforts.
  • Business Impact  linking Training &Organizational Development efforts to actual bottom line. performance and results.


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