Welcome to ImagineNation™
“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
Albert Einstein

Innovation Consulting and Agile Education for Business Enterprises

ImagineNation™ provides innovation consulting and agile education programs for business enterprises.

It is a generative and provocative global business enterprise innovation education company that provides innovation e-learning programs, experiential learning events and culture transformation projects.

These engage, empower and enable people, teams and corporations to strategically and systemically develop the internal agility and capability to see, respond to, and solve complex business problems.To then transform them into creative ideas and innovation solutions that people value and cherish.

Our Vision

Our intent at ImagineNation™ is to re-invent innovation education and shape and attune it, to meet and satisfy the needs of people, organizations and industries in the 21st century.

This enables business enterprises & SME’s to develop and execute their innovation vision and strategy and unlock the collective genius of their people through agile innovation consulting, education and learning.

  • By speeding up change by creating cost & time effective relevant and customized agile learning programs that deliver what they promise.
  • By cultivating innovation agility through shifting mindset, developing behaviors and skills and aligning these with organizational or business enterprise systems and symbols.
  • By integrating lean methodologies to leverage the business enterprises’ ability to adapt, compete and grow.

Our Value Proposition

At ImagineNation we shift and develop, within a business enterprise context, peoples mindsets, behaviours, skills and innovation agility in the Discovery Phase of innovation.

This enables them to be see and respond to the unexpected and the unplanned, and shift their thinking to emerge possibilities, opportunities and solve problems generatively to;

  • Accelerate the innovation process.
  • Reduce the resistance factors and risks inherent in innovation.
  • Engage the entire organization & broader ecosystem in the innovation effort.

Our Difference

At ImagineNationwe design and develop customised culture consulting and agile learning solutions that;

  • Incorporate human centred design thinking frameworks,
  • Encompass our own unique Innovation Curriculum including the 7 Stage Coaching and Leadership Model and the 4 Phase Generative Discovery Cycle.
  • Are integrated with lean start-up methodologies,
  • Are structured, embodied and enacted within an emergent (Theory U) learning journey,

The outcome is that people, leaders and teams within business enterprises;

Develop innovation agility required to shift, flow and flourish within change and uncertainty and retain this new skill set and cultural shift to enable ongoing agile responsiveness and competitive edge.

Know how to be, think and act differently to make the difference they want to make in ways that people value and cherish.


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