How are you keeping up with the pace of change & digitization or are simply overwhelmed?

Join the next free monthly webinar in our Making Innovation a Habit Series – “Coaching to Lead Innovation” 

It’s on Thursday, 5th July, 2018 at 9.00pm Melbourne & Sydney, 5.30pm New Delhi, 2.00pm Paris, 4.00pm Abu Dhabi, 9.00am Rio de Janero & 7.00am New York.

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In just 45 minutes learn how to adapt & innovate your coaching practice to be relevant & successful in a changing world!

Join us to explore how the increasing speed, volume of change & disruption is compelling us to explore new ways in transforming leaders & teams to survive & thrive through innovation.

This involves developing an increasing ability to rapidly adapt, respond to, & innovate in constantly changing contexts.


Explore how to be, think & act differently, in speedy, agile, creative & cost-effective ways that people value & cherish. 

This session is about how to make sense of innovation & broadly apply innovation agility to your business, leadership, coaching or consulting practice through;

• Understanding the key driver’s causing innovation to be on every CEO’s strategic agenda.
• Knowing how innovation & agility merge to become an integrated coaching practice.
• Knowing what it means to develop your confidence, competence & capacity as a coach for innovators.
• Knowing the 6 key steps & 6 key practices to initiate as a coach for innovators.

This engaging & highly interactive session is the result of 5 years of research & development, & experimentation in the start-up entrepreneurship, innovation, adult learning & emergence space, & forms the basis for the only ICF CCE accredited global online “Coach for Innovators Certified Program” coach learning program.

Webinar Presenters

Janet Sernack ACC

Hailing from Australia, Janet is the Founder of ImagineNation™ she has 30 years of experience consulting & leading culture development, change management, leadership & top team education interventions to some of Australasia’s & Israel’s top 100 companies. She is an ICF ACC certified executive coach, a NLP certified presenter, trainer, facilitator & executive coach and has tertiary qualifications in Marketing, Adult Learning & Workplace Assessment and Training.

She is acknowledged as a global thought leader on the people side of innovation, she presents globally on innovation & blogs regularly. She is one of the top 20 innovation bloggers at Innovation Excellence “the world’s most popular innovation blog.”

Dagmar Boettger PCC

Based in Hong Kong, and a major conduit to developing innovation in China, Dagmar is experienced in igniting leaders and team’s readiness and receptivity to innovate. In her 20-year career in Corporate Human Resources, as a HR professional, and now as a certified innovation coach, Dagmar has shaped and delivered five major corporate transformation processes.

She now coaches entrepreneurial leaders, teams, intra-preneurs and start-up founders in how to be, think and act differently to master innovation effectively. To her, innovation is the blood that flows for the future. Not allowing change to shape thoughts and action is like a stroke to the organization.

It’s on Thursday, 5th July, 2018 at 9.00pm Melbourne & Sydney, 5.30pm New Delhi, 2.00pm Paris, 4.00pm Abu Dhabi, 9.00am Rio de Janero & 7.00am New York.

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