Be-come a Coach for Innovators

Switch on and ignite your creativity and innovation agility to flow and flourish, within the volatile, uncertainty, turbulent and complex business environment emerging in the twenty first century.


If you want to change, reinvent or transform your business, leadership, team or coaching game – then join our upcoming Coach for Innovators Certified Program™.

You will have the opportunity to develop and practice your Generative Discovery and Learning skill set in the Front End of Innovation, the core crucial skill set for all innovation intervention success.

Our program focuses on the Discovery Phase of Innovation, where all innovation emerges to then move into the Design and Delivery Phases.

By joining this group of global game changers, you will, and you will help your clients know, how to be, think and act differently to make the difference you want to make in the world in ways that people value and cherish.

Emergent, conscious and disruptive

The program is thought leading in the emergence, consciousness and disruptive innovation space!

  • By participating in our program participants and their clients be-come agile business game changers who know how to create breakthrough innovations, anytime, anyplace with anybody!
  • By seeing and working with the whole system participants develop the capability, capacity and confidence to lead, teach and coach others how to generate discovery and learning.
  • By creatively transforming their business game in the face of business problems, opportunities, obstacles and challenges to change and innovation.

This is a customised and deeply authentic, group and systemic agile learning solution which:

  • Incorporates human centred design thinking frameworks
  • Encompasses our own unique Innovation Curriculum including the 7 Stage Coaching and Leadership Model and the 4 Phase Generative Discovery Cycle
  • Is integrated with lean start-up methodologies
  • Is structured, embodied and enacted within an emergent learning journey

Who is it suitable for?

This program has been designed specifically for professionals working as;

  • Managers and leaders in organizations responsible in an innovation context, who want to further develop their capacity, confidence and capability in agile innovation ahead of their competitors.
  • Cross functional and functional teams who want to become agile innovators.
  • Life, business and executive coaches, corporate consultants and trainers who up-skill in agile innovation to refresh, reinvent to renew their business practice.

Program outcomes

The outcome is that people, leaders and teams within business enterprises develop the innovation agility required to flow and flourish within change and uncertainty. By knowing how to be, think and act differently to make the difference they want to make in the world in ways that people value and cherish. After the program you will…….

  • Be confident, courageous, and compassionate to safely shake up and challenge the status quo.
  • Know how to develop the intrinsic motivation for innovation.
  • Know how to generate insights, openings and possibilities for change and innovation.
  • Know to apply ‘out of the box’ thinking differently choices and strategies.
  • Practice customer centric, design thinking methodologies within an innovation context.
  • Know how to ideate creative ideas and generate innovative solutions to problems.
  • Act differently to coach, lead and shift the status quo.
  • Develop capacity to master innovation challenges and flow with uncertainty and change.
  • Know how to apply lean start-up methodologies to prototype hypothetical solutions.

I enrolled in Janet’s program because I needed CEU’s and was intrigued by the name she created, ImagineNation, which is telltale to Janet’s focus on creating innovative thinking. By letting go of ideas I hold on to as truths, I can open up space for new ideas that I never before imagined. Janet challenges me when I tell her why something is the way it is, “What if you let go of that?  What if you put your hands up instead of holding on?

Global executive coach & corporate lawyer
United States

What the program includes:

Evidence Based Case Study

 Participants incorporate their own business problem as an evidence based case study to refer to throughout the program.  They apply this as an action learning assignment, to learn how to see, respond to and solve people and business problems in the context of innovation. They will…..

  • Apply the concepts, principles and techniques presented in the program, to their ‘real life’ problem, opportunity or constraint.
  • Practice being, thinking and acting creatively to generate creative ideas and innovative solutions.
  • Learn to innovate by experimenting, playing, doing and failing without punishment or retribution.

Participants learn the key practices of Generative Discovery and Learning which include:

  • Be mindfully present – Deeply observe, listen and unplug.
  • Reflect and contemplate – Explore what is really going on? Who am I be-ing?
  • Creating a safe and collective holding space – Container for Change and Creativity.
  • Listening generatively to the whole system and whole person simultaneously.
  • Puncturing the status quo with generative questions – Create ‘cracks’ and collisions to elicit possibilities for change and innovation.
  • Operating outside of the box – Debate constructively and generatively to emerge creative ideas and create out of the box solutions.

What else is included in the program?

  1. Weekly Webinars

The program consists of 8 two hour group coaching webinars, held weekly, for 8 weeks.

Each session includes;

  • A focused review of the key learning concepts, principles and weekly action learning assignments.
  • A structured coaching skills practice session, consisting of a nominated coach and coachee, followed by group and specific facilitator feedback.
  • A range of group generative discussions on each key topic to support its application to real life.
  • A self study program consisting of weekly home play talks, including relevant reading articles, blogs, u-tubes, internet links and TED Talks.
  • A recommended reading list and list of internet resources.
  • A set of electronic reflection cards to support retreat and reflection activities.
  1. Individual Coaching Support

Each participant schedules four individual 45 minutes coaching sessions with the Program Presenter, to ensure that the concepts, principles and techniques are being applied and practiced. This also serves to ensure that any personal barriers are revealed and resolved.

I’d like to warmly recommend the “Coach for Innovators” program. This great experience has not only taught me the principles and mechanisms of innovation and creativity, but has also managed to connect me personally, and to the deeper layer, into the mindsets and then the behaviors I wanted to learn about. If you want to really know what innovation is and how to lead and coach people to innovation, than this program is for you.

CEO Experiential Learning Company

Over the last two years I have had exposure to other courses and seminars on innovation.  All have provided useful perspective and tools.

The Coach for Innovators program is unique in its emphasis on the inner being, attitudes and personal practices that underlie the ability to coach innovation.  The program is resource rich and offers particularly powerful questions that can serve to be safely disruptive to the status quo”.

Ellen Moran, Ph.D., PCC

The next program for 2017 starts on Tuesday, 2nd May and ends on Tuesday, 20th June. Timing will be negotiated and scheduled closer to time depending on the majority of participants who register first at  

To take advantage of the Super Early Bird price please contact to get a US$400.00 discount coupon and must be paid by Friday, 31st March.

The Early Bird price offers a US$200.00 discount and must be paid by Friday, 21st April, please contact to get the discount coupon.

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