The Coach for Innovators Certified Program™ - The Agile Innovator

This online 8 week group learning program will teach you how to survive & thrive in a constantly changing & disrupted world

Coaching for innovation is a new way of learning, where the coach is trained to be a teacher, transformer, innovator & coach in speedy, agile & blended ways that help people adapt, grow, compete & flourish through the transformational powers of innovation.

Coaching for innovation helps people examine & adjust their mental models to:
– Respond to entirely new realities and needs in the marketplace.
– Develop change readiness & receptivity to resolve the barriers to change & innovation.
– Trace decision making back to their core values to anchor their “north stars” in VUCA times.

Innovation coaches take a whole person focus that allows them to;

  • Be understanding of a person’s inner (needs, values, beliefs, mental models) & outer (business & marketplace) environments.
  • Be empathic, compassionate & accepting with the challenges (barriers & resistance factors) a person faces internally & externally.
  • Ensure that people have clarity around their values to align their mindsets & behaviours & passionate purpose for innovation.
  • Generate goals, options & pathways for increasing resilience, agility & entrepreneurial effectiveness in VUCA times.
  • Co-create with individuals & teams trusted relationships, a core purpose, team goals, role clarity, problem solving & decision-making processes.
  • Take time out for retreat, reflection & exploration of generative discovery of new ways of being, thinking & doing.
  • Have the freedom and permission to question, challenge the status quo & experiment with new ideas, fail without punishment, make & learn from mistakes.

Our blended learning program builds your ability to be, think & act differently, to make the difference you want to make in the world – in ways that people (especially clients) value & cherish!

It teaches you how to apply innovation as a strategic,  systemic & human centered lever to transform your business game.

It is the culmination of 7 years of global research & study in the cutting edge emergence, start-up entrepreneurship & innovation space.

What learning elements does the program integrate?

It teaches you how to emerge creative ideas & innovative solutions by applying Theory U (emergence principles), Human Centered Design Thinking Processes with our unique Innovation Learning Curriculum.

It is a flexible, highly interactive & collaborative group learning process.

It balances theory, with deep skills practice sessions, weekly recreation tasks & a practical, evidence based, action assignment.

It includes a series of intimate personalized one on one coaching sessions for each participant, with presenter, Janet Sernack ACC, as well as access to an online network of global collaborators in thought leading innovation.

To find out more about our next scheduled program dates & costs please go to the  Coach for Innovators Certified Program page.

This is a Continuing Coach Education Program (CCE) and is internationally accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and awards participants 20 CCE units.



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