The Coach for Innovators Certified Program™

This online 8 week group learning program is cutting edge in the emergence, design thinking, start-up entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation space!

This program provides the ultimate toolkit for executive and leadership coaches and corporate consultants who want to help their clients succeed, compete and flourish, within the volatile, uncertainty, turbulent and complex business environment by building their agility (capability, capacity and confidence) for innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

disruptive innovationIt enables participants to see, attend to, and work within their whole system to generate disruptive and innovative responses to apply innovation as a strategic and systemic lever to transform their business games.

It is the culmination of 7 years of global research and study in the cutting edge emergence, start-up and innovation space.

It integrates Theory U with Design Thinking as the structured experiential and action learning and group coaching process.

It teaches participants, to learn by playing, doing and failing, when applying the intrinsic motivators, being states, traits, mindsets, thinking processes, behaviors and practices of disruptive innovative leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Who is an innovation coach?

An innovative coach is someone who contributes the best of oneself, and generates the best from others, from the whole, for the good of the whole – in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship. They know how to be agile, and tolerate and flow with uncertainty, instability and change to confidently:

  • See challenges and problems as possibilities for creative ideas and opportunities for innovative solutions, pursue and execute them.
  • Operate through faster, agile and improved process and system efficiencies.
  • Embrace a collaborative, connective and innovative teaming based approach, culture and business ecosystem.

Be-ing different and safely disruptive

The Coach for Innovators Certified Program™ focuses on developing people’s abilities to intentionally disrupt the status quo by knowing how to be different, think different and act different to make the difference they want to make in the world in ways that people value and cherish.

Theory u Picture1Participants are guided through a powerful experiential and emergent group coaching and learning journey that integrates Presence or the U-Process, lean and agile start-up methodologies, creative thinking strategies and innovative thought leadership.It enables them to deviate from the norm, to experiment, fail and take risks that disrupt existing mindsets, perspectives, habits, paradigms, practices and processes.

What do participants learn?

Among other outcomes participants develop and apply the core emergent and design thinking skills, by using their own business problem as an evidence based case study,  to solve wicked and business problems through creating disruptive ideas and innovative solutions by knowing how to;

  • Generatively question to be safely intentionally disruptive in challenging the status quo and peoples zones of discomfort to create openings, doorways and thresholds for eliciting possibilities, ideating creative ideas and innovative solutions.
  • Generatively listen across the whole system, develop flexibility to listen across the 4 levels and attend to what is/could be emerging in terms of possibilities and openings for ideating creative ideas and generating innovative solutions.
  • Generatively debate by being safely and intentionally disruptive to generate meta level thinking that results in mindset flips, unconventional outcomes, inflection points and right hand turns.
  • Think differently and apply associative, critical and creative thinking processes to the innovation design and delivery processes.
  • Act differently in the context of innovation as an agile innovation manager, leader, consultant and coach to transform the status quo.
  • Develop the emotional agility to master the innovation challenge and paradox and flow with uncertainty and change.
  • Apply lean, agile & start-up methodologies to prototyping a 9 step business model plan for a hypothetical innovative solution to their business problem.

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