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From corporate trainer, facilitator and executive coach to Israel start-up entrepreneur and global educator and innovator.
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Leaving behind my family of origin, birthplace, friends, colleagues and a very successful learning and development consultancy, in Australia, I arrived in Israel, with my husband, 2 dogs and pussycat in January, 2010.

I was soon confronted with a number of disruptive and harsh realities!  Many defied what I had learned, experienced and practiced in my thirty years as a designer, manager, marketer, corporate executive, consultant, business entrepreneur and organizational development consultant.

The first major challenge was the realization that I would not find opportunities to do the work that I loved in the Israeli corporate market!

My passion and field of expertise were in developing high performance organizational cultures, transformational adaptive leaders and executive teams. I found myself unable to work in these fields because Israel has a very small (8 million people) & highly competitive relationship based, consulting marketplace where there were very few and very tiny entry points for newcomers.

I also observed, as Israel is a relatively new country (66 years old) with strong survival and self actualization needs and few established cultural norms, dominated by either a strong military or a socialist based hierarchical approach to business management and leadership. The overall corporate market, outside of the disruptive high tech areas, which are mostly internationally resourced in organizational development processes and activities, is  mostly reactive, necessity driven and immature (as compared to more established countries) in its overall evolutionary business cycle.

The final straw was discovering that almost all learning was either strongly academically focused or via informal ‘story based’ mentoring processes. This meant that most institutions were not savvy in adult learning principles, nor understood and appreciated the value of ‘discovery’ or experiential learning.

So what was a girl to do, with a toolkit of transformational knowledge, skills and experience that no-one was really interested in discovering, developing or delivering?

Through necessity, I went about reinventing myself in meaningful and profound ways.  This ultimately enabled me to congruently, transparently and authentically teach others from my own personal and professional experiences! 

From this emerged ImagineNation™ – a generative and provocative global learning company using the latest technology and thought leadership to develop leadership and entrepreneurship capability to design and deliver innovative solutions that change the world in ways that people value and cherish.

ImagineNation™ has evolved in surprisingly creative, enormously challenging and unexpected (mis) adventure!

Especially for me as a recovering workaholic, a mature woman who is inventing and bootstrapping something that has never previously existed, within a young, male dominated entrepreneurial culture, amidst chaos, uncertainty and conflict!


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