Testimonials about Janet and ImagineNation™
My colleague and I participated in the ImagineNation™ Coach for Innovators Program prior to establishing our start-up. The course was immensely helpful in assessing our initiative from new angles, developing a habit of disruptive thinking, and seeing problems as opportunities for innovation. It reinforced our belief in the lean start-up methodology – especially the need for continuous customer input and iterations based on their feedback. Practice sessions brought theory into sharp relief, and made us question assumptions and challenge decisions. The often profound discussions enhanced our listening skills and generated creative breakthroughs.  Use of the Business Canvas clarified priorities. We highly recommend this course, not only for coaches, but for anyone planning a start-up.
Start-Up Entrepreneurs
The Coach for Innovators was a real eye opener despite the fact that I had a loose and very general understanding of some of the concepts. The program was intense, but brought to life what had up until that point been totally theoretical. It made it relevant to me and I suspect would resonate in the same manner to others from a diverse variety of backgrounds and professional practice. The interaction with others of diverse experience along with the real time practice working with real live issues made it all the more powerful. I would thoroughly recommend the program to any professional who wants a shot in the arm to think, feel and practice afresh.
Corporate trainer & executive coach
Janet, as the trainer for The Coach for innovators acts in very specific way; she creates a safe space, where all attendees feel free to explore whatever is coming through our imagination. What I admired the most was the masterful  skill I developed towards blocking all internal thinking processes at the level of downloading( i.e. circular thinking at same level of selective understanding of issues), pre- conception or pre-conceived notions.

She persisted in using generative questioning which persuaded the group to stay open to ideas that did not fit with our preconception, which freed up new ideas and solutions to be noticed and considered. I benefited the most from different levels of listening and observing from the series of intensive webinars.

IT Management professional and consultant & start-up entrepreneur
Janet’s course gave me a firm grounding in Theory U.  The exercises during the class and the coaching that I received, taught me to engage differently with my clients. As someone who works as a solo practitioner, I found the camaraderie and comments of the fellow coaches stimulating and helpful in mastering new skills.
Global consultant and executive coach
United States
I recently completed The Coach for Innovators Program. I wanted to thank Janet for facilitating this program. I found it to be informative and thought provoking. I appreciated the insights that have developed my skills and performance as a coach, as well as enhancing my overall communication skills and ability to develop higher levels of connections with others. Participating in the program has had a significant impact for me both professionally and in my personal life.
Corporate trainer, facilitator and executive coach
I was a participant in recent Coach for Innovators program which Janet delivered with the utmost professionalism, clearly reflecting both her extensive knowledge and experience in the field and her ferocious intelligence. The concepts she dealt with were inspirational and challenging and helped me reach a deeper insight into my mindsets and behaviors ,and put into motion the necessary changes for my business to be more dynamic and innovative .I learnt essential listening skills that I know will be invaluable in my transformational work with others and through the exercises that Janet provided, was able to practice important coaching skills ,that are already infusing my work with a greater competence and understanding. Janet provides a very safe and provocative environment, to explore complex issues around change and the empathy and support necessary, to reach beyond one’s comfort zone, to greater levels of professional creativity. This is more than a recommendation for Janet’s program, this is a wakeup call for all professionals, to become highly innovative and that much more successful. Warning!!!1t is not for those, who remain watching from the shore, while others push their boats out.
Corporate trainer, facilitator and executive coach
In January 2014, I found myself emerging from a severe health struggle to do with cancer when I confronted myself with the question “what is my next best step?” Exposure to The Coach for Innovators Certified Program felt right as an important step in the right direction.  I did not know that the time, what it meant, yet it felt right to become involved, to serve myself towards moving on, to grow and thrive rather than struggle or survive, as part of my overall healing process. The program led me step by step, over a period of 8 weeks into a deep process of retreat, reflection and exploration to re-emerge. Whilst the work isn’t yet over yet it’s been a very promising and transformational process.

Janet’s outstanding personality and professionalism led an extra ordinary learning process and experience inspired and enabled me to make it through and discover what will re emerge from all this. She provided me with a right hand, as a witness as well as a partner, through the content, infrastructure and great facilitation.  She enables people to develop and grow into their next innovative space and supported me in embracing myself into thriving again.

As a result my business dilemma was transformed into a deeply personal one, which has enabled me to continue the flow of learning and co creation. There were lovely great people on the program with whom it was a great mutual learning experience

I enrolled in Janet’s program because I needed CEU’s and was intrigued by the name she created, ImagineNation, which is telltale to Janet’s focus on creating innovative thinking. By letting go of ideas I hold on to as truths, I can open up space for new ideas that I never before imagined. Janet challenges me when I tell her why something is the way it is, “What if you let go of that?  What if you put your hands up instead of holding on?
Global executive coach & corporate lawyer
United States
Coach for Innovators” was a fantastic journey with Janet through the adventurous rollercoaster of innovative start-up. Janet’s well-designed, disruptive program made my business dilemma more real, when I was not even aware I had one.
My initial intention to have joined the program was to improve my coaching skills; but additional to that I came out of the program with higher confidence in my own innovative business idea as a well-equipped entrepreneur ready for challenges. The most significant learning for me was; to think and question differently, to listen to people and myself from the generative whole and stay connected with the “system” for new ideas and solutions to emerge.
Though all the concepts and terminology may seem abstract at first, they make themselves clear as one starts experiencing the suggested processes seriously.
I wish a longer and physical version of the program was available in Israel with networking and team experiencing opportunities. Thank you Janet.
Start-Up Entrepreneur
Middle East
I’d like to warmly recommend the “Coach for Innovators” program. This great experience has not only taught me the principles and mechanisms of innovation and creativity, but has also managed to connect me personally, and to the deeper layer, into the mindsets and then the behaviours I wanted to learn about. If you want to really know what innovation is and how to lead and coach people to innovation, than this program is for you.
CEO Experiential Learning Company
I have been working as a coach/facilitator/educator for over 30 years and have always been open to new learning’s. Having worked with Janet from ImagineNation™  now over the last few months in the accreditation coaching program I have noticed that the framework supporting this program has subsequently provided me with a ‘framework’ that supports myself both personally and professionally. Janet’s approach and integrated activities are a multi-level approach to learning and application. I am enjoying this process immensely and love the learning, the insights (ahaa’s!) and interaction both with the group and my ‘learning buddy’. I would strongly recommend this certification program to anyone who is an experienced coach and is up for adding a new dimension to their existing ‘toolkit’.
Global CEO Coaching College,


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