Sam Adkins
Sam Adkins
Innovation Disruption Strategist and Coach for Innovators

About Sam

Sam is an associate, coach, strategist and innovation adviser for Imaginenation™.

Her career reads like a lean start-up methodology manual with many career changes and reinventions, dancing between corporate roles and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Starting on the renowned Unilever Marketing graduate training scheme, Sam became a UK Marketing Manager, based in London. As a result, she became well grounded in the corporate world of business development, marketing and corporate culture. The next step resulted in a complete pivot which involved re-training in 3 different countries to become a holistic wellness practitioner with a successful Sydney based Wellness Clinic. As a tech early adopter and with an entrepreneurial spirit, Sam started treating people round the world using newly available digital platforms; as well as digitising her online business to offer online educational courses to empower people to wellness.

In order to broaden her toolkit, her next iteration saw her adding in-depth psychology to her skill set after completing a two year Masters Format Course in Process Work. This is a psychological discipline relevant both at home, in the boardroom, within an organisation, and with large group transformation and one on one with individuals. Process Work allows her, as the facilitator, to be the ‘dance master’ in group dynamics that brings a transformative approach to innovation, creativity, team dynamics and strategy development.

The combination of Sam’s corporate and entrepreneurial experience enabled her to continue her reinvention journey, becoming a business adviser for organisations as diverse as profit hacking, lifestyle brands and businesses with high end, organically certified product ranges. She advises on strategy, marketing, digitisation and business development for businesses planning to scale into large global enterprises.

Sam is also qualified ICF ACC accredited executive coach, who integrates her powerful breadth of experience and in-depth psychology background with an insightful and holistic coaching framework; working directly with C-Suite executives and senior management.

Sam completed the The Coach for Innovators Certified Program ™ in 2016 and then joined the Imaginenation™ team. She brings an intentionally disruptive flair to facilitation and coaching conversations, as well as deep experience in human interaction and teamwork.