Murali Maheswaran
Murali Maheswaran
Facilitator and Design Thinking Guru

About Murali

Murali Maheswaran is supporter, associate and collaborator at ImagineNation™. As the design systems thinking expert he believes deeply in their mission to reinvent innovation education to intentionally disrupt and transform business enterprises globally, in essence – to democratize and spread innovation capacity.

He is a social evolutionary searching, connecting and creating our future worlds. His business, thestilldynamic (TSD), blends design thinking, systems thinking and creative innovation skills with deep self awareness and embodiment practices to support and scaffold individuals, enterprises and systems to evolve.

Murali cut his teeth working on moving the hardest system of all towards dynamic innovative and user-driven solutions – government. This work taught him the transformative power of purpose-based, outcome-oriented service. In part, TSD is a response to gridlock he experienced in these old, conventional siloed structures.

He now supports with social enterprises, startups, design students and professionals, government and other enterprises to get “unstuck” and moving from ideas and concepts to prototypes and user testing simply and cost-effectively. This design-integrated work includes products, services, organisational culture, and enterprise and futures strategy. Clarify your internal world, understand your external worlds, choose to be, think and act differently to generate user-driven innovation.

He currently serves as the design-thinker-in-residence at LanewayLabs, Melbourne’s first digital health, sport and wellness collaboratory, supporting residents to ask better questions and focus in on their user’s real needs. Good design improves your chances of success.