Our Approach to Innovation
We combine the Discovery of an opportunity or problem with the Design and Delivery process to a solution.


If we define innovation as CREATIVITY + IMPLEMENTATION we need to know how to deal with, and adapt to DISRUPTION and VARIATION as positive factors simultaneously. To do this successfully, it’s critical to know how to play with and master the ‘dance’ involved in making ‘business unusual’.

At ImagineNation™ we have learnt that mastering the dance requires a holistic interplay between;

  • strategy (vision)  and systems  (technology)
  • and between people (culture) and learning (capability)

This facilitates an effective execution that enables people to safely disrupt the status quo and build receptivity to change and enhances people’s ability to be creative,  inventive and collaborative,

To become adaptive and agile in the Discovery, Design and Delivery of innovative products, processes and services that people will value and cherish.


At ImagineNation™ we focus on the “fuzzy” or Front End and Discovery Phase of innovation – traits, states, motivators and mindsets that enable people to be, think and do things differently. We inspire, engage, enable and empower people to generate and share ideas through collaboration, leading, networking and teaming. This is the essential disruptive and generative discovery skill set required to deliver successful innovation execution and implementation of creative ideas and innovative solutions.

We incorporate human centered design thinking processes, with emergence principles and lean start-up methodologies including the nine step business model to advance the Design and Delivery Phases in the Back End of Innovation execution and implementation skills-set.

This is because we define innovation as “change that adds value” involving a process combining discovering an opportunity or problem, designing and blueprinting an idea to seize the opportunity or solve the problem, iterating it until it gels, and then delivering the solution or the idea to achieve a commercial outcome.


This differentiates us from most companies teaching or consulting in innovation management. These companies tend to use mainly traditional and conservative consulting methods. As well as conventional, episodic training programs and cognitive technique based training and consulting methods that do not focus on building the internal innovation capability.

At ImagineNation™ we enable people to apply and integrate their learning’s to execute their business strategy in simple, agile, lean and innovative ways that make them effective innovative team and people leaders and business managers.

We focus on be-ing, feeling, thinking and doing” on developing the intrinsic motivators, moods, mindsets, thinking strategies, behaviors, skills and practices of successful innovators and intrepreneurs.

We design and deliver our agile micro and macro learning programs through creative experiential, playful,interactive live and online delivery mechanisms. This enables learners to apply, integrate and assimilate learning’s into real and genuine business practices and daily habits.


We focus on enabling our clients to add value to the quality of peoples lives in ways that they value and cherish, by making solving the clients’, customers’, or users’ problem, through developing customercentricity; as the key focus of our work.

We partner and co-create innovative solutions with our clients that enable them to understand what innovation means in their organizational context and to identify what type of innovation will deliver their vision and BHAG for innovation.

We bring disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, lean start-up methodologies, concepts, principles and techniques “to life”.

At ImagineNation™ we embrace a strategic and systemic approach to add value to our client’s knowledge, leadership, management and experience of innovation by created a global innovation eco-system of leading edge strategic, diagnostic and technology partners.

This enables leaders and business enterprises to make the moves between the stances required to adapt and respond to the moment, and to master the circumstances of the ‘dance’ critical to 21st century enterprise success.


adaptOur clients develop their agility confidence, capacity and competence and adaptive skill set that persists over time.  They knowingly, intentionally, provocatively and safely disrupt the status quo, as well as willingly challenge the status quo and rock the boat to disrupt conventional approaches to generate creative approaches to business problem solving, effecting change and increasing innovation.

disruptive by design

Our clients confidently and boldly explore, question and connect unexpected and disruptive game changing ideas and solutions. They are not risk adverse and embrace risk as a strategic lever for innovation. There is an acceptance of failure which is perceived as a means of quick tracking their learning process when prototyping innovative solutions.

They affect deliver business breakthroughs that result in paradigm shifts and create game changing ideas and solutions.

Our clients excel at thinking globally and outwardly so that they can see the world with fresh eyes from a whole systems perspective.

possibility- imagine

We empower and enable  our clients to relentlessly seek possibilities for improving the quality of their users and customer’s lives, experiences and perceptions of value by enabling them to see and;

  • Understand the generative nature of their business problems as opportunities for creative ideas and innovative solutions.
  • Transform constraints into creative ideas for innovation.
  • Patterns and connections converging and diverging in their marketplace.
  • Understand their user and customers’ desired experience.
  • Random and unexpected events as opportunities for growth and improving competitiveness.

empathy-communication-job-tips-malta-620x280Our expertise in human centered design thinking enables our clients to develop customer empathy, respect and compassion which are critical elements in creating lines of sight to customers, and to improving customers’ and users’ experiences of products and services.


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